Jimmy Fallon Does Barbershop Version of ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ [Video]

jimmy fallonKevin Spacey joins Jimmy Fallon in a very entertaining version of Jason Derulo’s hit, Talk Dirty To Me, Barbershop quartet style. The late night host seems to have an endless bag of tricks up his sleeve when it comes to new and innovative skits. This time it is a quirky version of the mega hit by Derulo. It was done in an unusual style for the chart topper, and is sung with his group he is calling the Ragtime Gals. As always the video has over a quarter of a million hits in just 24 hours, the king of late night is quickly becoming the king of social media as well. Using the chart topping song was brilliant, as it has grown in popularity since its release in 2013. It has even become the theme song for the new TV show Devious Maids. The singer, songwriter and dancer really hit it big, and being featured in a late night skit just ads to the already immensely popular tune.

Spacey is the front man in this very entertaining video (below), joined by Fallon and the Ragtime Gals. The 55-year-old Spacey has always been a very private person and has kept his personal life out of the limelight. He is a firm believer that the less the fans know about him personally, the more believable they will find him on-screen. Judging by his very successful career, this seems to be working out very well for him, although he did pay his dues to get started in the industry. He started out doing impressions to try out on the stand up comedy circuit, favoring the voices of Johnny Carson and Jimmy Stewart. After that he ended up going to acting school, however he was anxious to work, and he left before graduating. He spent a number of years in theater before turning to film, where he got his start with a small part in Heartburn in 1986. The rest is history with his portrayal of numerous characters of a complex nature, Spacey is a leading man worthy of every award he has received and has been nominated for.

Spacey has now shown he can hold his own, with funny man Jimmy Fallon in this barbershop version of Talk Dirty to Me, showing off a quite pleasant singing voice to boot. So taking a pop song and turning it into something it was never intended to be, could be the next big bit for the Tonight Show. With Fallon at the helm, fans just never know what kind of funny business will come out each night, and that keeps them tuning in for more. His career has even led him to highly successful roles on TV from Wiseguys to HBO’s House of Cards, it seems there is nothing he can not do. Late night fans were lucky to see another side of the actor, and teaming up with Fallon was a treat for all fans of Spacey and the Tonight Show host.

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