Kerry Washington Welcomed Baby Girl

Kerry Washington

Scandal star, Kerry Washington and husband, former San Francisco 49ers cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha welcomed the newest addition to their family and the gladiator team, baby Isabelle Amarachi.

After having a fashionable pregnancy, the ultra secretive Kerry Washington managed to keep the birth out of the media for as long as she could. However it was reported on Friday that she gave birth April 21, 2014 at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Although Washington’s rep does not comment on her personal life, it is clear that the actress due date was a few weeks ago.

A source stated that Kerry Washington is currently home and happily busy with Isabelle Amarachi. It is unclear why the star choose that middle name, which means “God’s Grace” or Grace of God,” depending on the name search results. But it is believed Washington choose the middle name as a gesture to her husbands Igbo-Nigerian heritage. It is also being reported that her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha did not sign the birth certificate until a week after the baby was born, the reason is also unclear.

This is the first child for the couple, together and separately. Emmy nominated, Kerry Washington debuted her baby bump in true diva form on the red carpet in a cream Balenciaga gown at the Golden Globes in January, after revealing in October that she was expecting. She stated she felt like she had the best date of the night in regards to her little bundle of joy. Leaving the fans hoping that Kerry Washington welcomed her baby girl into the world without complication.

Shonda Rhimes, created of Scandal, threw the star a wonderful baby shower in her Hancock Park home in Los Angeles, California, February 23, 2014. At least 60 relatives and friends were in attendance, including Jane Fonda, Darby Stanchfield, and Regina King. An eyewitness stated everyone immediately began admiring Washington’s belly and was extremely happy for her. The afternoon was filled with oohs and ahhs, clapping and laughs.

The first time parents, Washington and Asomugha started dating the summer of 2012 and had a very intimate wedding ceremony in Hailey, Idaho, June of 2013. Besides that, few things are actually known about the couple and their relationship, Kerry stating she keeps her private life, private and just let it unfold as it may. She said she learned through experience that talking about her personal life just does not work. Which is possible why neither of the couple has come out and confirmed the information, even though the birth of their daughter was announced,.

With Scandal wrapping up earlier this year to accommodate the leading lady’s pregnancy, it ended the creative maneuvering of hiding Washington’s expanding waistline since the pregnancy was not written into the story line. Conveniently, the final saw Olivia (Washington) jet set off on an extended vacation and a new identity. Though gladiators should not necessarily equate that to maternity leave for the actress. Once the early reports were made about the seasons slim down it was said that writing Olivia out of the show for any extended period of was not an option. So no worries gladiators, Olivia Pope will be back to “Handle it.” As for now, Kerry Washington has just welcomed her baby girl into the world, and would like to be a mother for a little while, before returning to the Colosseum.

By Virginia Snowden



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