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Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 8P.M., The Simpsons  will join forces with Lego to bring fans of the popular show an experience as only The Simpsons can, when the town and citizens of Springfield go square. Since 1989, when the first episode was created, The Simpsons has brought the world of television a unique brand of animated comedic genius.

When Homer awakes in the milestone 550th episode, the world that he knew has drastically changed, everything and everyone are now made of Legos. In celebration of their 25th anniversary, Jeffery Godsick, president of 20th Century Fox consumer products is hoping that The Simpsons fans, who also loves Legos, will be wowed by the collaboration and join in on the festivities.

The episode titled Brick Like Me, is just another of The Simpsons familiar spoofs that will be added to the collection of classic episodes, like Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2 (Basic Instinct), Cape Fears (Cape Fear), Treehouse of Horror III (A Clockwork Orange), and Lisa’s Substitute (The Graduate) to name of few.

The episode, Brick Like Me, is in pure Simpson fashion, with a twist, when everything and everyone go square. Homer starts off on a quest to get back to his reality before getting stuck in the new world forever. However, the episode affords Homer the rare opportunity to discover he can have fun with his oldest daughter, Lisa. Yet when his squared reality begins to collapse, he has to make the decision go back to his messy real world or remain in this picture-perfect plastic dream.

Brick Like Me, was two years in the making and thought of long before The Lego Movie, was. Matt Selman, executive producer of “The Simpsons, admitted that he was a bit worried about The Lego Movie. He hoped the two would not be too similar, noting some common themes between both, but in the end feeling that they went together perfectly.

Brick Like Me, is not short on the classic wittiness that makes The Simpsons what it is today. Making jokes about the age guidelines on the box, right down to the windows being stick on decays. Animators of The Simpsons worked closely with Lego to make sure everything looked as technically correct as possible.

Matt Selman opened up a bit, stating how he and writer Brian Kelley considered the experience a labor of love since both are fans of Lego. Matt Selman goes on the say how both men have young children who also love the toys, and they were blessed with the opportunity to rediscover Lego though their children.

Already renewed for their 26th season, The Simpsons does not seem to be losing their fire anytime soon. Evolving with the times, The Simpsons push the boundaries of animation television every year. Brick Like Me, is just another notch under the impressive belt of the Fox Broadcasting Company. Joining forces with Lego and their little squares was nothing short of genius combined that with The Simpsons crazy antics and the episode is an instant hit.

By Virginia Snowden


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