JJ Abrams Offers Fans a Chance to Star in ‘Star Wars Episode: VII’

star warsThe director for the newest addition to the historic Star Wars franchise, J.J. Abrams, is offering fans a chance to obtain a role in the highly anticipated Star Wars Episode: VII, as well as a meeting with all the cast members crew, an in-depth look at the movie making process, and much more. In cooperation with UNICEF, Abrams has created the “Star Wars: Force for Change” campaign. Abrams stated that the campaign is a new charity dedicated to solving the world’s biggest issues. The first world issue that Abrams and his campaign are focusing on is child poverty. With the help of UNICEF’s Innovation Labs, Force for Change is raising funds to aid the world’s most at risk children. Abrams stated in a video accompaniment for the campaign, “We would like to invite you to be part of the fun here. We want to put you in the movie, in Star Wars.”

Disney, the company financing and distributing the new film, has shown its support by contributing $1 million to the foundation. Fans can contribute directly to the cause on the website, Omaze. There are varying levels of contribution available to fans, each with its own Star Wars themed prizes-and varying numbers of entries for the grand prize: an all expenses paid trip for the contributor and a friend to London’s Pinewood Studios as Abrams VIP guests, and they will be transformed by the film’s makeup and costume department for a role in the new film. The levels of contribution offer their own gifts, aside from the chance to meet Abrams and star in the Star Wars Episode:VII. Those who donate $10 will receive a specialized digital badge. Donators of $40 will receive a digital thank you card from Abrams, the cast, and crew. Donations are accepted up to $50,000. The prizes for donations include: VIP tour of Lucasfilm and an advanced screening of the film, a signed script for the film by Abrams, an authentic lightsaber prop, limited edition Chewbacca bust, original concept lithographs, posters, and t-shirts. Those who donate $50,000 will receive a private screening of Star Wars: Episode VII in, or near, their hometown for 20 guests.

Abram’s campaign and offer for fans a chance to star in Star Wars: Episode VII is set to run until 11:59 p.m. PT on July 18. Abrams complimented fans of the popular series for being “the most passionate and committed folks around the globe.” He also stated that he and his production company, Bad Robot, is thrilled to give the opportunity for fans to star in his latest film, and even more excited that they will be helping suffering children around the globe. Donations from fans will be utilized to aid children by providing shelter, food, water, medicine, and nutrition. Omaze stated they were inspired by a charity which offered donators a chance to watch a Laker game with Magic Johnson, which amassed a large amount of funds from the public. Disney, Lucsafilm, and Bad Robot plan to use their new charity wing to raise funds for other causes during future projects.

By Andres Loubriel

The Verge
ABC News

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