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Joel Havea “Strings and Wood”: Underground Examinations Music Review

Strings and Wood


Joel Havea Strings and Wood EP Reviews

Some musicians want nothing more than to make music and share that music with the world. Joel Havea is an individual from Melbourne Australia that began playing music in a group with his younger brother Dave Havea. Along the way Joel has played around the world and refined his musical abilities. Now, following the release of his debut album ‘You Make Me Believe’ in 2012, Joel Havea prepares to release his new EP Strings and Wood.

Strings and Wood releases May of 2014 and will be followed by a spring tour in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Come Autumn, Joel Havea will be touring the U.S. and Benelux. With the emphasis of this new EP being on a realistic sound, the live performances will likely play like the EP, but with more energy and stage presence.

The album starts off of the right foot. The track Going Gone features a purely guitar intro that develops as more instruments jump in. The highlight, is of course Havea himself. The vocals feel very reminiscent of the blues, but they are very inviting at the same time.

The mood behind some of these songs demonstrates that Havea wants to do a number of different things with his musical abilities. For example, the second track Simple Things makes use of the calming hum of Havea’s voice combined with the smoothing pluckings of his guitar, light drum foundations, and some touching violin. It feels like James Taylor more than anything else.

Strings and Wood by Joel Havea

Other tracks like Fading Away are pulsating with rhythm in a very different way. Havea’s voice is still calming but it does not bogart the attention of the track. Some very subtle drop offs include the vocals stepping aside for backup vocals along with drums and guitar. All synchronicity is done with the intention of keeping the track on a smooth undisrupted flow. With each track in this EP Havea solidifies the promise that no matter the content, each track is soothing to listen to.

The Strings and Wood EP illustrates a subtle understanding between all instruments. When a new instrument is introduced it does so without disrupting the current flow of the track. Each new addition is present because of the importance it adds. Such soothing additions compliment the acoustic and blues-like atmosphere well.

Many of the lyrics on this EP focus on getting the most out of life, some of these examples are brought about through mistakes and reflection, while others lean more on a positive note. The deluxe version of Stings and Wood comes with an additional two bonus tracks, both of which stand as inspirational and sentimental.

Joel Havea has been sharpening his musical skills with live performances and tours ranging around the globe. His new EP Strings and Wood brings a feel good mood with soothing vocals and smooth acoustic guitar. The EP is short but can easily leave you wanting to restart it the moment it finishes. Some debut albums have a hard time being surpassed, Joel Havea clearly demonstrates that he has more than enough to pull from to keep creating enjoyable music that is easy to listen to and share with others.


Opinion By Garrett Jutte
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