Johnny Manziel to Change Attitude With Professional Football


Johnny Manziel was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the NFL Draft on Wednesday. He was the 22nd overall pick as the media paid more attention to him than many of the picks that came before him. In his comments to reporters after being chosen, Manziel made it clear that he was going to change his attitude with professional football after getting the infamous attention as Johnny Football before the draft.

Johnny addressed the media at the Brown’s facility by saying the he was just a guy at the bottom of a totem pole. He added that he needs to show the Browns with action in order to gain the respect needed. Manziel said that he was less about Johnny Football and more about football itself.

Johnny Football was an image he created to get hype before the draft. It worked, but many sports analysts thought of him as a diva. The rookie quarterback does not mind his Johnny Football image, but he assured the media that he’s only Johnny Manziel. He affirmed with a positive attitude that he knows who he is and Johnny Football is not really him.

The rookie quarterback is under pressure since all quarterbacks drafted by the Cleveland Browns have not been successful since 1999. Johnny understands that he’s not a big quarterback which modern football demands. Johnny Football stands 5-foot-11.5–slightly short of the 6-foot standard preferred in quarterbacks in today’s professional football.

The Cleveland Browns made three moves in the first round of the NFL Draft. The third move was to get Manziel. This move was the most impactful for the Browns, according to many football analysts. The Browns gave up a third round pick in order to move up from the 26th to the 22nd overall pick to get the Texas A&M signal-caller.

A lot of criticism of his antics off the field has hurt his image, but his playing abilities can still be highly respected. Manziel is known for being a pocket passer who really looks for the pass on designed plays before getting happy feet. The rookie is also light on his feet, so, if scrambling is needed, he has the speed and moves to be elusive as well. His passing skills are superb, and he has the ability to make any kind of pass; deep throws or short, quick passes.

The hype he is building with professional football has changed the attitude with many people from Cleveland in a good way. What helps the most is the fact that the rookie quarterback is represented by LRMR, a managing firm run by famous basketball player LeBron James and his friends. It was reported that LeBron already bought a Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns jersey. Manziel was asked by the press in Cleveland if he could get LeBron to come back to Cleveland, and Johnny said he could not do that.

With all the hype that came with Johnny Manziel as Johnny Football, the Browns were the only team that fought hard to draft him. The good thing is that Johnny Football promised to change his attitude by working hard to gain respect. The next step is to prove his statements on the field and raise confidence with the people of Cleveland.

Commentary by Jose Herrera

NFL Sports Illustrated
CBS Sports

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