Justin Bieber Bittersweet Mother’s Day Gift

Justin Bieber Bittersweet Mother's Day Gift
As much as Pattie Mallette, aka Justin Bieber’s mother, may love her boy, his Mother’s Day gift to her turned out to be a little bittersweet when she had to watch her son get booed. The 20 year-old Canadian pop star and current media “bad-boy” took his mother to a Los Angeles Clippers game where the two took their place in court-side seats.

In a video on YouTube and on various media sites on the Internet, it’s being said that the entire center booed the singer. Watching the video, which can be seen below, there is too much noise to actually make out whether the sounds are negative or not. The moment that Clipper fans let their feelings be known was when Bieber was shown on the “jumbotron.” The video shows Justin from behind and as he applauds, presumably himself, the crowd’s noise increases.

Bieber is shown trying to hold a spinning basketball on one finger amid the cacophony in the center. If the fans were booing Bieber, it did not seem to phase either the performer or his 38 year-old mother. Pattie looks to be having the time of her life while at the game with her boy. Selfies posted by Justin show mom enjoying the attention, of her son, and the food at the venue. One post from the entertainer says that Pattie was more interested in the hotdogs than in watching the game.

Whether or not Justin’s mom noticed the game did not matter to the Los Angeles Clippers since they won against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Staples Center in the fourth game of the NBA playoffs 101 – 99. Looking at the pictures of Pattie and her boy, she really enjoyed her Mother’s Day gift, even if it was a bittersweet experience for Bieber. Mom did not seem to notice or care that the crowd were not overly impressed with the troubled pop star.

Bieber has been in the news constantly with his “bad boy” antics which included a felony vandalism charge from when he egged a Calabasas neighbor’s house. Justin has also been in the limelight for his lovelife. The big split and then reunion followed by another split between Bieber and Selena Gomez caused problems between the former Barney star and her friends. After Gomez turned her back on Taylor Swift to return to Justin only to be cheated on, their final breakup and Bieber’s attention to other girls has been the subject of many gossip sites.

Pattie Mallette will, no doubt, not care about her darling boy’s behaviour. She has backed her son up in the past and begged for patience in dealing with Bieber’s indiscretions and illegal activities. To be fair, despite the “booing” of the crowd at Staples Center in Los Angeles, Justin seems more focused on having fun with his mother. Bieber has always claimed that his mom is the “guiding light” in his life and no matter how bittersweet his Mother’s Day gift may have felt to him, Pattie did not appear to mind at all. She and Justin look as though they are really enjoying spending time with each other on her special day.

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