Justin Bieber Gives Large Donation to AIDS Research

Justin Bieber Gives Large Donation to AIDS Research

Justin Bieber may have made it with the models in Cannes, but, to his credit, he also took time out of his busy schedule of carousing to donate a sizable chunk of change towards AIDS research at the annual amfAR gala: $545,000, to be exact. Bieber put some people in mind of Bruce Wayne with his charitable donation. If he had a Bat cowl, gauntlets, and a utility belt, he could take over as Batman from Ben Affleck.

One of the models Justin Bieber, 20, was spotted with at the Cannes International Film Festival last week was the sexy and alluring recent divorcee, Adriana Lima, 32, who is 12 years older than the pop star. Apparently not satisfied with hooking up with amateur model, Yovanna Ventura, he pursued the charms of supermodel, Brazilian Adriana Lima, whose divorce from her ex-husband, Serbian-born NBA star Marko Jaric, was just finalized on May 2. Lima has two daughters with Jaric, Valentina, four, and Sienna, who is 19 months old. Lima and Jaric had been married for five years.

Reportedly, the Biebster hit it off well with Lima. According to a friend of Lima’s, referring to the time Justin Bieber spent with Adriana Lima later that night at a private party, they went back to her place “around 5 a.m.” However, according to a source close to Justin Bieber, though they had fun together: “it won’t turn into anything serious.”

Justin posted a selfie of himself with Victoria’s Secret model Adrian Lima on the Instagram site captioned with a phrase he took from one of his songs, “Confident”: “I think she foreign.” Perhaps for emphasis, perhaps to brag that he bedded down a supermodel, he repeated the caption twice.

While in Cannes, Justin Bieber spent plenty of “quality time” with other hot female celebs, including Paris Hilton, 33, at the Gotha Nightclub. She reportedly gave Biebs — who was, by then, for some reason shirtless — a lap dance, and he also left with her that night. There’s probably little chance that word of what happened will get back to Hilton’s current boyfriend, model River Viiperi, 22.

Besides these hookups, Justin Bieber was later also spotted on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht with model Barbara Palvin, who was reportedly a former flame of his. The two looked happy to see each other again, and smiled, laughed, and flirted with each other. It wasn’t very long after the Biebster left the yacht and went back to were he was staying at the Carlton Hotel that Barbara Palvin also left and went to the same hotel, presumably to spend a few intimate hours with Justin.

Justin Bieber proved that there are many more ways in which a person can occupy himself at the Cannes International Film Festival than attending premieres and walking the red carpet. The Biebster should definitely be praised for his laudable donations to AIDS research and other worthy causes he’s given to at Cannes and elsewhere. Also while at Cannes, Justin managed to find plenty of time and excuses for hooking up with models and living the life of a playboy pop star.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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