Justin Bieber In Trouble With the Law Yet Again!

Justin BieberJustin Bieber is in trouble with the law yet again. There does not seem to be a day that goes by when this 20-year-old singer has not done something illegal! This time it is to do with the attempted robbery of a cell phone. However, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The Canadian singer was just enjoying some time at the batting cages when an altercation allegedly took place. One woman decided to take a few photos—like many others around—and Bieber reportedly asked to see her phone. All he wanted was to delete any photos that she may have taken of him in the altercation. The last thing he wanted was any “proof” should someone file a complaint against him for assault. He has enough of those cases to deal with at the moment!

When the woman refused to hand over her phone, the Boyfriend singer allegedly reached into her handbag to retrieve the phone himself. According to the police, he has not been arrested for the incident, but they are investigating the issue. There are chances that this will be another criminal conviction against his name.

This is just another case of Bieber being in trouble with the law, and citizens of the United States have to ask how far he will be allowed to go. Since January 2014, he has been arrested three times (twice in the United States) for felonies, and there was the incident of egg-throwing at a neighbors house. The most controversial incident was the DUI in Miami, which led to an online petition to have him kicked out of the country.

When the petition reached over 200,000 signatures, it was sent to the White House. However, officials refused to comment on the case, and wanted the court cases to happen as normal. In most cases, the offenses that the 20-year-old singer has been accused of will lead to probation, community service and other more minor forms of punishment. He will not likely be jailed.

There have been questions raised over the preferential treatment that Bieber may be receiving. President Obama has already proven himself to take a tough stance on immigration and abiding by the law. He has deported more immigrants (illegal and legal) since his first day in office than any other president.

The possession of marijuana is usually enough to get someone deported, and while Bieber has not been arrested for that there are plenty of other crimes he is facing trial for over the next few months. People are being deported for previous crimes, so it does not make sense that the singer would be allowed to stay, unless he was getting preferential treatment for who he is.

According to experts, he is not getting preferential treatment. His DUI and vandalism charges are not enough to have him deported anyway. However, his assault charges may be. Until he is convicted, there is nothing the president can do. Now, all it takes is for Bieber to be in trouble with the law again for a more serious crime, and he could find himself out of the country for good.

By Alexandria Ingham





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