Solange Knowles Attacked Jay Z Due to Designer Rachel Roy

Solange KnowlesIt seems like Solange Knowles attacked brother-in-law Jay Z at the Met Gala due to rumors that he was getting close to designer Rachel Roy. Roy is the ex-wife of the rappers former business partner, and the sister of Beyonce was just looking out for her. Reports already indicated that the little sister would take a small thing and blow up about it.

While at the after party for the Met Gala, Knowles saw Roy hovering over her brother-in-law, and was not impressed with those actions. She also knows that her big sister is not happy with Roy hovering too close to Jay Z, and decided to take matters into her own hands. Beyonce already admitted that she is a pacifist, and would prefer not to get into a fight.

Despite the warning, Roy decided to fight against Knowles. That led to Jay Z and his wife stepping in, and the rapper informed his sister-in-law that she was out of line. The three left, with Roy remaining at the after-party.

Unfortunately, the argument did not stop there. Jay Z made it clear that he wanted to go to Rhianna’s after party, while Beyonce wanted to go back home to check on their daughter. The 27-year-old Knowles sister was not happy with her brother-in-law, believing that Roy would be at the party. She was certain that something would happen if she let him go. In altercation was caught on camera and then leaked to the press.

It has taken over a week to finally findout that Knowles attacked Jay Z due to designer Roy, but the whole story has still not been shared. The married couple has refused to speak out about the fight, with just sources sharing the snippets of information that they know.

There have been a number of rumors, including one that Knowles does not like the way her sister is being treated by her brother-in-law. However, this could be a home life that Beyonce is happy with, considering her pacifist views. She does not want to start an argument with the man she loves, so gives in to reasonable requests. Considering the superstar she is, it is unlikely that she would bow down to every command he has.

Other rumors have suggested that the 27-year-old is jealous of her big sister’s celebrity status. She also wants to be a popular singer and songwriter, but is still to make a name for herself. According to Hollywodd Life, she also does not like the fact that her family is not supported enough by her brother-in-law. The resentment towards Jay Z has been there for a long time, and it seems to have finally reached boiling point.

However, sources claim that she often asks for Jay Z’s opinion considering his ability to find music talent, and he offers it. She just cannot accept it, claiming that she cannot follow trends when she is an indie artist. There is only so much the rapper can do.

New claims are that the fight was not about the lack of support he gives her. Knowles attacked Jay Z at the Met Gala after party due to his relationship with designer Roy.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. phyllis   May 15, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    I think Solange should of had some respect for her sister her self and realize Jay-Z loves his wife Beyonce and took vows to love,cherish and protect….Solange you are the sister Beyonce now has her keeper that’s Jay-Z


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