Justin Bieber Sued Over Alleged Assault at Subway


Justin Bieber is being sued over an alleged assault that the accuser claims took place in the bathroom of a Subway restaurant located in Miami Beach, Florida. The incident allegedly took place just moments before Bieber’s arrest for driving under the influence.

Photographer Manuel Monoz has filed a lawsuit in which he claims that the incident occurred after Bieber exited the popular SET Nightclub in Miami Beach, at which time Monoz began taking pictures of the Canadian entertainer. The singer’s bodyguard became agitated that Monoz was snapping photographs and allegedly proceeded to chase the man into a nearby Subway. Monoz has stated that the bodyguard in question then proceeded trap him in a bathroom stall and lock the door, ordering Monoz to delete the aforementioned photographs. After attempting to forcibly remove the memory card, during which Monoz claims the bodyguard caused damage to the device, the man allegedly kicked and punched Monoz. According to the 911 call regarding the incident, the bodyguard eventually ended up in possession of the sought after memory card.

However, the police report Munoz filed after the incident could be a key factor in whether or not his case eventually falls apart. Although Munoz has already taken the initial steps to sue Justin Bieber over the alleged assault at Subway, the details of said report do not match up with what the photographer claims in the lawsuit to have happened.

Even though Munoz claims in the lawsuit that Bieber’s bodyguard punched and kicked him, it is written in the police report that his original accusation regarding the incident was that the bodyguard tripped him, resulting in a minor scratch on his left knee. Munoz allegedly then bribed the bodyguard, offering the camera’s memory card in exchange for $10,000, but the bodyguard stood his ground and set the price firmly at five thousand. However, despite the police report, the bodyguard is continuing to sue Bieber and his bodyguard for unspecified damages.

This incident marks the second time in a week that Bieber has been accused of a violent act. On May 13, 2014, a woman accused the singer of the attempted robbery of her cell phone, stating that Bieber flew into a rage upon believing the woman was taking his picture, resulting in him forcibly removing her handbag from her person in order to delete said photographs. This incident, however, turned out to be false. Upon investigating the woman’s claims, security at Sherman Oaks Castle Parks, the mini-golf/batting cage attraction at which the alleged incident took place, recovered evidence that proved the woman had fabricated the accusation after both Bieber and the putting range security team had kindly asked her several times to stop taking pictures.

Given his unfortunate recent track record with the law, it is clear that this new lawsuit is the last thing the singer needs. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the lawsuit in which Justin Bieber is being sued over an alleged assault at Subway holds any legitimate claims.

by Rebecca Grace

Los Angeles Times
MSN Entertainment