Juventus FC Claims Third Consecutive Serie A Title

Juventus FC claimed their third consecutive Serie A title and celebrated it by defeating Atalanta 1-0 on Monday afternoon. Juve was already crowned champions of the Italian league when second-placed AS Roma had a devastating loss on Sunday to the underdog Catania with a score of 4-1. The loss for Roma made impossible to catch up to Juve, who were nine points away at that time.

With the victory of Atalanta, Juve has the chance to make a record for having the most points in a season. With two games left, Juve could reach up to 100 points, which has not been accomplished by any team in Serie A ever.

The two teams left for Juventus to play are Roma, who will try to ruin the record-setting goal for Juve, and Cagliari. Roma is in second place and will make it hard for Juve to surpass the 100 point mark. As for Cagliari, the team is in 15th place and will be the underdog of the match. The other side of the coin is that Juve might not risk their superstars as starter when the team has already accomplished the Serie A title.

During the game against Atalanta, Juventus played at home in Turin, Italy. Juve had more shots but had less control of the ball. Juve had 19 shots compared to Atalanta’s nine. Atalanta, however, controlled the ball 56 percent compared to Juve’s 44 percent. In the end, the lone goal made by midfielder Simone Padoin in the 72nd minute was enough to put the game away.

Leading scorer, Carlos Tevez from Argentina, would have had his 20th goal of the season in the match against Atalanta on Monday afternoon. Instead, the Argentine striker shot wide after getting an assist from Fabio Quagliarella and missed the goal.

The victory over Atalanta complemented a nice celebration for Juventus in front of their home field fans, as Juve is 18 for 18 at home so far. The win also gave Juve 96 points, which only leaves four points to accomplish in order to make history in the Serie A by accumulating 100 points. Again, Juve might easy up on their last two games in order to preserve their stars. Juve might play with bench warmers in the last two games.

Many of the players from Juve have been celebrating their title in Serie A since Saturday evening after Roma lost to Cagliari. Still, their commitment to come out and win was not absent at all. Juve fans will hope that this attitude will continue for the next two games in order to establish the 100 points and become the only Serie A team to do so.

Juve has the most Serie A titles, the Scudetto, than any other Italian team. This year’s title, which was the third consecutively, will be the 30th time Juve has become Serie A Champions. Also, Juve has won a Serie A title at least once in every decade since 1905. However, on the international scale, Juve was not up to par with the elite teams of Europa, as it lost in the semi-finals in the UEFA Europa League last Wednesday. Next year, Juventus qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, which is the most prestigious soccer tournament for clubs in Europe, and will have a chance to prove to be one of the best club in the continent.

Commentary by Jose Herrera

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