Bigfoot Descended From Homo Erectus

BigfootThe illusive Bigfoot has possibly been spotted near Squamish, BC according to the Huffington Post in Canada. A wildlife biologist, Mr. Lamont who did not want his first name published was hiking and filmed a black creature hiking up the side of a mountain. He claims it was not a bear but rather a Sasquatch. This has incited much speculation and even some scientists have gotten in on the mix. An Australian cryptozoologist is claiming that the Sasquatch descended from Homo erectus.

Rex Gilroy also claims that Sasquatch is related to the “Yowie” from Australia. 3 News quotes Gilroy stating that Bigfoot has Aussie genes and there are four subspecies of Homo erectus related to the Yowie. Gilroy also surmises that the reason that no one has been able to find them is that no one really knows what they are looking for. Apparently the big hairy monster they think is Bigfoot, does not exist at all. The Aboriginals claimed he was a “Big Hairy Man” but in fact could be a man or woman. Also, Homo erectus was of varying heights. There are sightings of the Yowie back in the 1800s. He admits though that it would be difficult to prove these creatures exist without tissue evidence.

Australian researcher Paul Cropper says there have been over 350 sightings, noteworthy evidence but no hard evidence of their existence. He thinks anyone who disagrees that the Yowie exists is just plain wrong. Exactly what the Yowie and Bigfoot are is more complicated though. No one really knows but according to Gilroy, Big Foot is descended from Homo erectus and this should be studied further.

There is interesting evidence of a Yowie being filmed by a tree cam in Australia according to the Huffington Post UK. Jason Heal and Jason Dunn claim to be “Yowie Searchers” and they have obtained incredibly blurry, grainy images that depict some sort of creature swaying side to side looking for apples in the tree. The video is less than definitive; however, and could quite possibly depict something other than the illusive Yowie.

The two searchers intend to travel to the US to search for the Sasquatch as well. According to their YouTube account, they have heard growling, felt like they were being watched, smelled a strange aroma, noticed rocks being thrown and were followed late at night. They are convinced the Yowie and the Sasquatch are real.

Queensland Senator Bill O’Chee made one of the most notable sightings with over a dozen people – including students and teachers from a high school – who claim that in 1977 at the Springbrook camp site they saw an “immensely powerful creature.” He said he saw a Yowie but did not know it. Apparently they saw a creature that was ape-like and about eight-feet tall that moved in a crab like fashion.

Hopefully the world will soon find out whether Bigfoot is indeed a descendant of Homo erectus and if in fact they exist. This could finally put to rest the rumors and conjecture about this illusive creature.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


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