Kardashians Boycott Beverly Hills Hotel


The Kardashians are now boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel due to the owners personal vendetta against LGBT individuals. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has implemented a law in his country Brunei to have all gays stoned to death. This law is called Shariah penal code. The sultan was proud of this accomplishment and claims this law was to follow the book Quran and what Allah had dictated. The Shariah law also applies to such laws as amputation for theft and stoning for adultery. This could be considered unfair to the one-third of non-muslims living in Brunei. Over the next two years they will not only be introducing stoning, but flogging and amputation as well.

As expected, many in Hollywood are outraged by this turn of events. Though, Brunei is not the only country with the same laws. There are 81 other countries with the same stringent laws. Brunei is just the newest country to implement these laws. Many believe that not only should Kardashians boycott Beverly Hills Hotel, but other countries as well. Many movies are filmed in one of these countries, United Arab Emirates. There are some that find this hypocritical of Hollywood.

Among the people and companies boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel is¬†Babyface, who was supposed to hold his wedding with his long-time girlfriend there. The Kardashians also planned a wedding shower at the same venue and moved location at the last-minute, to boycott the Beverley Hills Hotel upon hearing about the new law. The Motion Picture and Television Fund will no longer hold their annual night before the Oscar party there, until this matter is resolved. No longer in support of the Sultan’s Dorchester Collection of hotels include Virgin Group, the Hollywood Reporter and the Feminist Majority Foundation, which moved its Global Women’s Rights Awards from the Beverly Hills Hotel to the nearby Hammer Museum. Other celebrities who have gone on protest are Jay Leno and his wife along with Ellen DeGeneres. Many more are sure to follow as things are heating up between both the hotels and celebrities and human rights activists.

It is unclear at this time if other companies, who reside in the other 81 countries that support these kind of laws, will be affected. A spokesperson from the Beverly Hills Hotel feels that such names as the Kardashians boycotting the hotel is unfair to the company itself and to the employees of the company. While this may be true, this country which is roughly the size of Delaware, is considered one of the top five richest countries in the world. It may be possible to put a halt on other countries harsh laws if enough pressure is put on the Sultan of Brunei. At this time, it is impossible to tell how far the protesters are willing to go. According to the protesters, it is about more than just boycotting a hotel and more about protecting the LGBT community. Things seem to be heating up between the two and only time will tell if the Sultan will change the law anytime in the near future. One thing is for sure, the Kardashians will not be in attendance until the law is changed.

Opinion By Heather Tillman


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