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Underground Examinations: 'This Clumsy World'

Keith Alan Mitchell Music Reivew

Keith Alan Mitchell is a songwriter / guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area ready to release his debut album This Clumsy World. Mitchell is not new to the world of performing however, he played with bands around California and Ohio and will be promoting his solo release with live performances in the Bay Area. Does his work give a proper representation of this world or does it reside as more of a clumsy mess?

This Clumsy World is the debut album for Keith Alan Mitchell and it says something many people can understand. The album features twelve tracks for a total of 45 minutes. According to Mitchell, “All the songs have to do with breaking free in some way; escaping, moving on, even disappearing.” Such is the way of growing up and experiencing life. Mitchell continues by saying, “That can be a good thing … but it can also mean people moving away from each other, being adrift and not grounded.”

This Clumsy World Music Review

Not many artists show off their personal notes with the world. The Keith Alan Mitchell Website not only includes lyrics for every track, but also chords for a number of tracks and more on the way. The pure honesty demonstrated is as refreshing as it is inspiring. Not only that, but each track can be commented on; direct feedback.

How would one describe the genre of music played by Keith Alan Mitchell and his band? One could say Country, Indie Folk, Acoustic Rock, and even Alternative. Taking inspiration from Tom Petty, David Gray, and similar artists, Mitchell brings the focus to the vocals and accompanying guitar. Other instruments such as Mandolin and Keyboard join in on a few tracks, but this is mostly a one man show.

“No one can say we’re falling no, if we never touch the ground.”

Is this album for everyone? Of course not. With so much musical diversity such an album would be nearly impossible to find. However, if you like to roll down your windows while driving, put your feet up on a porch, or settle down with a drink, Mitchell has some lyrics and an acoustic guitar with your name on it. Most of the tracks slow-paced, but they can still present some old rock ‘n’ roll grooves. The Feud for example includes a guitar solo that resonates somewhere between classic rock and blues and the track You Just Disappear uses Tambourine in place of drums for a more constant backbone that doesn’t take away from the chorus.

“On an honest day’s work. We keep our feet on the ground”

If you enjoy the relationship between a man and his guitar as they discuss the measurements of lessons learned and past gone by, this album is something for you. Older company or fans of thoughtful lyrics should consider giving This Clumsy World a listen. For those in need of something flashy, dancey, or otherwise more upbeat, look elsewhere.


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Keith Alan Mitchell


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