Teenage Pregnancy Is an Issue

Teenage Pregnancy

Within the United States, it is a known fact that teenage pregnancy is an issue. Statistically, it is also  fact that the U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rate. In today’s world more girls are having babies before they even hit 20 years of age. Why does it seem as though more girls are having babies before they have had the chance to experience life? Opinions on this subject have been based off the idea of bad parenting and lack of proper education. Other opinions, however, have come from the thought that young girls try to imitate the things they see on television and in magazines. Woman today wear more racy clothing, act with dishonorable behavior, as well as giving off what beauty is “supposed” to be.

It has been said that children will imitate what they see and hear. This process starts from the time children can move by themselves and continues into the teenage years. However it does not stop there. Even in the adult stage of life, imitation of what is seen and done. Yet does this justify the partaking of sexual activity and thus getting pregnant It is when a child begins to enact certain behaviors that is when the  process of imitation appears to become an issue. This seems to be all the more true in the case of young girls. The term “sex sells” has been around for many years and is a phrase one may hear often. As stated before, the image of a woman seems to be pointed towards being sexual appears empowering to respect oneself. Even in the industries of today, woman are seen to be objects of sexual attention rather than beings of inner beauty and self respect. Growing girls see this and it has been known that they try to be just like the girls on television or in magazines. Could this really be part of the reason why teenage pregnancy is an issue in today’s society?

Statistics show that teenage pregnancy has declined. More teens today seem to be using birth control as well as stated to be less active in sexual practices. However even though the numbers have declined, teenage pregnancy has not completely come to a halt. Aside from magazines, music videos and other outside sources teenage pregnancy is known to be influenced by the parents as well. Today parents try to be more on the friend side of things rather than being the mother or father that is needed. This is due to the fact that parents try to be in the position of ‘friend’. Because of this, the necessary guidance and teaching  is not there when it comes to the child. Much of this has to do with teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is an issue even more so when the parents of the child are not even aware of the pregnancy to begin with. A good example is a Florida teen who got pregnant, had the baby, and then killed it. She went to full term and had the baby in a bathroom. She claimed that she strangled her newborn son because she ‘didn’t know what to do with him’. Cassidy’s mother stated that she did not know her daughter was pregnant. She asked that her daughter take pregnancy tests to make sure. Cassidy did, however, the tests were false because she had outside help with them to make the tests appear negative to her mother. As the pregnancy went along, the teen wore baggy clothing to hide her growing belly. Reports say that after she killed her newborn son, Cassidy Goodson hid him in a shoe box in her bedroom. This is when the mother found out that her daughter had been pregnant.

So teenage pregnancy is an issue even though there is birth control, Sex education and other sources of assistance to help prevent this from happening. Like the cure for cancer, the way to completely stop teen pregnancy seems to be just out of reach.

By Isis E. Stevens


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