Kelly Clarkson Debunks Pregnancy Myths

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson has debunked some of the more popular myths around. Before Christmas, she said that having a baby with her husband was a dream come true, and was very excited about the months to come. However, she has been suffering from pregnancy sickness throughout and has gotten to the point where she does not want to leave the house.

There are many people who say that pregnancy brings about a glow. The skin, nails and hair all look perfect during the nine months of carrying a baby. Clarkson has found the exact opposite. She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted that there was no glow, except for when it comes “from a bad throw-up.”

She had previously admitted to Savannah Guthrie on Today that she had been suffering from terrible morning sickness. She went as far to question why it was even called morning sickness, since she suffered from it all the time. This is a problem for a small percentage of pregnant women, but Clarkson was certainly looking forward to reaching the second trimester.

In most cases, the second trimester is the honeymoon trimester. This is when pregnant women usually gain the energy to do more and feel better within themselves. That was not the case for the first American Idol winner. A source close to the singer admitted that she felt worse, and had spent more of her time at home.

She did not even feel well enough to go to the Grammys in January. She tweeted from home wishing that she could have been there, looking like the many other pregnant stars on the red carpet. Clarkson has certainly debunked many of the pregnancy myths, but it seems to be getting to her psychologically.

The source who talked about how the singer was feeling, explained that she had not left the house much. Clarkson has been gaining a lot of weight—more than normal—and was embarrassed about that. She has asked her husband to do most of the running around for errands. The expectant mother is so embarrassed that she has opted to buy clothes online instead of going out shopping for them to try them on.

Right now, she just wants it all to come to an end. Hopefully, she knows that this suffering is worth it when she gets her daughter at the end of all this. There are also hopes that this will not affect her feelings after pregnancy. Postnatal depression is something that doctors and midwives look out for on a regular basis. This is much worse than the usual “baby blues,” and can put the baby at harm.

Fans are coming to Clarkson’s support, letting her know that it is all worth it in the end. The problem for the Miss Independent singer is that she is constantly in the limelight. There is a lot of pressure to look perfect, which leads to some of the embarrassment felt after this pregnancy weight gain.

She is certainly not the first woman to struggle with a difficult pregnancy. In fact, she is not the first celebrity. Kim Kardashian has spoken out about her worry of going through a difficult pregnancy again if she has another baby with husband-to-be Kanye West. Both Kardashian and Clarkson in their own ways have debunked the myths of pregnancy, and showed it is not all about glowing skin and hair.

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