Kendall Jenner Boobs Billboard Teleprompter Laughs at Herself on Twitter

Kendall Jenner Boobs Billboard Teleprompter Laughs at Herself on Twitter

While Selena Gomez may not be a huge Kendall Jenner fan right now, she may at least like her a little more after she boobed her Billboard teleprompter lines and then went on to laugh at herself on Twitter; all while wearing a top that threatened to show Jenner’s boobs off at any moment. It takes a confident 18 year-old to have a giggle at their own expense as Kendall did via the social networking site.

At the actual ceremony, the model apparently left her contacts at home, at least that’s her excuse and she’s sticking to it, and filled in her own “best guess” as to who she was introducing. It was meant to be 5SOS, or 5 Seconds of Summer and it may be the former spelling that threw the young lady off. She did stop herself before too much damage could be done however and quipped that she was a bad reader.

The outfit that Kendall was wearing might have provided enough distraction that the males in the audience, both at the ceremony and at home, may not have noticed or cared that Jenner almost got the band’s name wrong. The provocative top with its “peek-a-boo” sides most likely had a larger part of the crowd watching to see if a Jenner side boob was going to make an appearance.

There has already been a video of the incident uploaded to YouTube, after all that is what the website is for, and viewers can see that Kendall Jenner knows when she boobs the Billboard teleprompter and starts to say the act’s name incorrectly. The younger sister of Kim Kardashian has maintained her sense of humor though as she did laugh at herself on Twitter later.

It has also been uploaded on Vine and at last count, on at least one account it’s been liked no less than 707 times, in case readers have missed the Billboard ceremony, or the YouTube video, there is the Vine upload with all the “extra bits” trimmed off and most likely uploaded more than once.

As seen either on the Billboard show itself or the other mediums, Kendall did not wait to laugh at her dire teleprompting reading skills. She actually doubles over in a combination of embarrassment and mirth at her mistake. She obviously realised at the time that she should have worn her contacts and later tweeted her followers the humorous message:

Kendall Jenner Boobs Billboard Teleprompter Laughs at Herself on Twitter

Earlier in the evening Kendall strolled up the red carpet with her younger sister Kylie, wearing the same outfit she presented in. Looking at the devastatingly beautiful young model, it is easy to see why Justin Bieber was tempted to stray from his on-again-off-again squeeze Selena Gomez.

Kendall Jenner boobs her teleprompter lines at the Billboard ceremony on all mediums, be it YouTube, Vine or ABC video of the show, and while she was big enough to laugh at herself on Twitter later, the social networking site has been having a giggle as well. The hashtag #kendallyouhadonejob was trending for a while on Twitter until it was replaced with Omg Kendall. Despite the mess up 5SOS are being tweeted about as well and Jenner doesn’t seem too concerned by either Twitter trend.

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