Kim Kardashian Nip Slip at LAX Preview of Coming Attraction at French Wedding?

Kim Kardashian Nip Slip at LAX Preview of Coming Attraction at French Wedding?

The news is full of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting ready for their French wedding, it is obviously full steam ahead for the couple, but, Kim still had time for a nip slip in LAX on her way out of the country is this, perhaps, a preview of coming attractions. The 33 year-old mother to baby North and reality TV star is not adverse to flashing a little flesh in the name of publicity and art.

After all, Kardashian began the short road to becoming a household name by performing in a sex tape that was leaked on the Internet. The end result was that Kim got her own reality television show and according to her first husband, Damon Thomas, she loved the lifestyle of instant celebrity. So much so that she did “harmful” things to her body to make herself more attractive.

It was Thomas who revealed that Kim had fat liposuctioned from her thighs and then put into her boobs and butt to enhance their size. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also loves her “selfies” even winning an award last year for most tasteless photos. Her too revealing white one-piece swimsuit with lots of side boob upset even her most devout fans who felt she should be taking pictures of her new baby instead of promoting herself.

Keeping to her regimen of self promotion, Kim Kardashian was caught out by the paparazzi in LAX where her sheer top enabled a nip slip while she rushed to catch her next plane. It does beg the question of whether or not the French wedding of Kim and Kanye will feature more sheer numbers and if so, was the airport wardrobe malfunction really a preview of coming attractions?

Despite being seen by the paps grabbing an ice cream cone in gay Paree, it’s been reported that Kim has been ferociously working out to get into great shape for her, and Kanye’s big day. Presumably the reality celeb believes that it will be third time lucky for the bride. Photos of Kimye eating their ice cream did not reveal any wardrobe malfunctions just a lot of cleavage from Kim.

Something else that caught the photographer’s eyes was that allegedly enhanced Kardashian bottom. While Kim enjoyed her pre-wedding ice cream cone camera lenses were focussed on her skin tight blue jeans which encased Kardashian’s ample asset. Baby North’s mother looked reflective as she held her cone in both hands while strolling along cobbled streets. Kanye, however, looked like he always looks. Depressed, angry, and clearly not enjoying that ice cream cone at all.

Kim Kardashian Nip Slip at LAX Preview of Coming Attraction at French Wedding?

On the bright side, Kardashian was at least wearing something that was a little more substantial in the material department. No danger of a sheer top nip slip here. Although there was more than enough cleavage on show to keep the paparazzi hoping. So there were no French wedding previews of coming attractions for any “accidental” flashing. Perhaps the LAX “slip” was down to Kim’s rushing to get out of the country and not an inner need to ensure she was getting maximum exposure.

By Michael Smith


Hollywood Life


Mail Online

Guardian Liberty Voice

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  3. Melvin   May 19, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    I think it’d be pretty funny if she slipped, fell smack on her butt, and bounced like a super-ball.

  4. phyllis   May 19, 2014 at 2:43 am

    Perfect discription of kanye!! Still laughing!!


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