Kim Kardashian Realizes Racism Still Exists


Well it has only taken her 33 years but the most famous television reality star has finally woken up to the fact that racism is still alive and well in the world today. Kim Kardashian posted a blog entry entitled On My Mind yesterday about the sudden realization she had in light of giving birth to a bi-racial baby that racism still exists in America and around the world. In a massive departure from her normal frivolous interests and insights (the latter term used in the loosest and most skeptical sense), the second oldest of the Kardashian clan decided to muse on how motherhood had changed her priorities and opened her eyes to issues and problems she had previously dismissed or ignored.

In the short article which she posted, Kardashian claims that before she had her daughter, North West, she had not really given much thought to the issues of racism and discrimination. However, with a fiancée (the rapper Kanye West) who has extremely strong feelings on both social problems and now a daughter who might one day come face to face with them (she does hint that this might have happened already and could have been the incentive behind her writing), Kardashian has gained a new awareness and sense of responsibility concerning these issues.

This sudden realization which she felt impelled to share with the world also extended beyond the fact that racism still exists. Other social problems such as discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation are also mentioned by the reality star. In what was obviously a heart-felt statement Kardashian claimed love for other people should be the most important thing in life and also said she did not want her daughter growing up in a world where she, or anyone else, might be judged for how they look or who they love or whether they are a man or a woman. She goes on to say that things she had deemed of great importance have now become fairly insignificant. So it seems becoming a mother has changed the reality star’s priorities more than she (or anyone else) had ever anticipated.

Unfortunately her only contribution towards trying to make a difference to these problems is apparently to stop pretending that they do not exist. While this is all very well and her ability to tear her eyes away from the mirror for a period of time long enough to view other things of interest should be applauded, this tentative step in the right direction is hardly worth writing home about. If she was really serious about sending a message or making a contribution to the cause, as it were, surely she could come up with something a bit better than a badly written couple of paragraphs which barely cover half a page?

While she certainly will not be winning any literary awards any time soon and her real awareness and understanding of many of these issues seems fairly superficial at best, at least the core message is one of worth. As a public figure with a huge social media influence, this is at least a welcome departure from the usual materialistic and self-involved content she normally promotes. Although a cynic might note that the only reason Kardashian has finally come to realize that racism and a whole host of other forms of discrimination still exist, is only because of something which happened to her or her young daughter. However, Kardashian obviously had good intentions at heart, so perhaps she should be praised for that regardless of how effective or convincing her sudden realization and responsibility seem.

Commentary by Rhona Scullion


Daily Mail

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