Kim Kardashian Wedding Diet Revealed

Kim KardashianLike any bride, Kim Kardashian wants to look her best for her wedding day, and her diet has finally been revealed. For those who want to follow suit, it does not seem like the healthiest of diets but if it is just for a short time and not used to yo-yo diet it could be considered okay. It is not the same diet that she followed after having her daughter, either.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Kanye West opted for the Atkins Diet after having her daughter. In the space of a few months she lost 43 pounds. Based on the idea that a one to two pound weekly weight loss is recommended, 43 pounds between the birth of North in June and the report released in October is actually relatively safe and healthy. It’s commendable to hear of celebrities who lose the weight in a safe and healthy way, showing other moms that it is possible and best.

However, it seems she is opting for a crash diet for her wedding. This could be due to not having as much to lose, and simply wanting to look her best. One source expressed the suspicion that Kardashian was following a juicing diet, but could not confirm the specific type of juicing diet. The source did share that the 33-year-old bride was drinking a lot of water.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) recommends that people stay away from any type of crash diet. They are not based on scientific research, and often make people ill. It is worrying if this is the wedding diet that Kardashian’s source has recently revealed. Could she make herself ill before her big day?

Some do recommend crash diets, like the 5:2, cabbage soup and juicing diets, as a way to kick start a dieting plan. However, they also recommend that people follow a healthy eating plan afterwards, and change lifestyle habits. Kardashian does not seem to need to change her lifestyle habits because she is certainly not overweight. She just seems to want to get rid of a few excess pounds and tone up ready for her wedding day.

She certainly knows all about healthy diet and exercise plans, after already losing her post-baby weight effectively. She also followed a high-intensity workout program called Barry’s Bootcamp and worked hard to get in shape after having her baby.

Her post-baby diet consisted of high-protein foods, and virtually no carbs. She cut out alcohol, bread and pasta completely.

There are only a few weeks left for the big Paris wedding on May 24. There are speculations that she and West are already married, but that was to make the French religious ceremony easier to organize. They wanted to cut the red tape quickly, so they could focus on celebrating their nuptials. They are not stressed, reportedly, and the 33-year-old mother of one is looking forward to her big day. She will certainly look forward to it more once she is the size that she wants to be. For a few weeks, following a crash diet may not be too dangerous. However, those who are looking to Kardashian for dieting inspiration are not recommended to follow the wedding diet that has been revealed for the long-term.

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