New MacBook Air Is Arriving Soon

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The new MacBook Air offered by Apple is rumored to be arriving soon in stores. The MacBook Air may even be arriving as soon as tomorrow, but stores are expecting it sometime within a week. What buyers can expect is something new, durable, and better performing. The functions that are being upgraded will include something called the Haswell Chips, which greatly affects a computer’s performance. These chips are dynamic and will speed up the system so it can run at faster speeds than previously before. The latest model has an array of features that have been upgraded since the last MacBook Air was released. Some of these features include an upgrade in longer battery life, intel processors, and wireless technology.

Battery life of the computer will last up to 12 hours, but nine hours for the smaller versions of the Air. The intel processor is fourth generation and has been upgraded so that it saves even more battery life. The processor moves extremely fast so you can browse the internet as well as just browse your computer and click away at any speed chosen. With the 802.11 wireless support, users can roam freely and not lose connection. Wireless speeds are also a lot faster, as much as three times faster than previous models. The storage space is also faster as it allows for a faster response time.

The operating system is called Mavericks OS X which is the fastest and most advanced operating system to date. What the operating system allows the user to do is move seamlessly with intuitive responses. It is also very easy to use so that anyone can use the operating system. The programs that come along with the system include iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Along with these, there also comes apps that allow the user to use an iPad or iPhone with it. Lastly, the system can suggest apps which can be used for emails or face time or texting.

Users who want to upgrade to Mavericks OS X do not have to purchase the MacBook Air, they can also upgrade by going to Apple’s website and they can upgrade their current system to Mavericks OS X for free. The new Mavericks OS X has the highest security and features which allow the user to update older programs and apps. However they can purchase the macbook air as it is arriving soon in stores, rumored to be this week.

The newest additions offered by Apple include updates to iBooks on the Mavericks system so that a user can connect an iPad or iTouch and these books will appear on the MacBook Air once the user has connected it. The MacBook Air works so seamlessly a user can read any passage on the Air and bookmark or highlight it and iCloud remembers what was highlighted. Therefore, anything a user has read on the iPad will appear on the Air. Apple also allows this to be done with an iPhone or iTouch. This gives the user the possibility of taking off where he left off using a completely different device!

There is also a new sidebar on Safari within the Mavericks system that lets the user see what is new on the web by keeping up with what the user is doing while he or she surfs the internet. If the user is on Twitter, the tweets will appear in the sidebar for easy availability. However that is not the only thing the MacBook Air offers: it also has new features including a key chain, tags, and finder tabs as well as complete updates to all the previous Apple software. Local stores will be receiving shipments and will notify a buyer as to when the new Macbook Air will be arriving. It will be soon!

By Anah Ayala


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  1. John   May 2, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    Sorry, but this is a very poorly written article. It is clear you do not understand what you are talking about very well; please do more research.

  2. Rose   May 2, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Very well informed something good to know about latest technology.

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