Peaches Geldof Cause of Death Will Never Really Be Known

Peaches GeldofAn inquest has recently heard that Peaches Geldof’s cause of death was likely due to heroin, but the real cause will never really be known. There are too many possibilities considering her lifestyle and mental state. On top of that, the coroner at her autopsy never found the cause of death. Why would anybody after that find the real cause?

The new information comes from reports that there were higher levels of heroin in her body. These levels showed recent use, but do not show the use was from that specific day. Nor were there any signs of heroin use in the home. One of the first statements police released was that there were no hard drugs found in the home.

The 25-year-old socialite had recently explained how she had never gotten over her childhood. Her mother died when she was just 11-years-old from a drug overdose, and that fact always played on her mind. Add the fact that she was constantly in the spotlight—partially for her own accomplishments and partially due to being the daughter of Bob Geldof—she was constantly battling with her weight.

Some people have suggested that she had an eating disorder. She certainly yo-yo dieted, and often explained that her weight fluctuations were from her juicing diet. According to experts, this juicing diet was dangerous and would have placed extra strain on her heart. The dangers raised led to questions over whether the diet was actually to blame for the socialite’s death.

However, at the autopsy it was clear that Geldof’s cause of death would never really be known. It was sudden, and there were limited signs of abuse of drugs or of her own body. It has only been recently that the toxicology reports show otherwise.

While the real reason will never really be known, the inquest has ruled that the heroin likely played a part. However, that does not mean that the heroin was the sole cause of death. Considering there were no drugs found in the home, it is very unlikely that the drugs were the sole cause of death. They may have placed extra pressure on her heart, which made it hard for her body to deal with other factors in her life, like her diet.

The police are happy that there is nothing suspicious about her death, meaning that it was not likely suicide. This was something many worried about considering the troubled life she had previously led. While she was planning for the future and seemed happy as a mother, many wondered whether she was just masking her pain.

Now there are searches for the person who supplied the drugs to the socialite. With no drug substances in the home, it will be very hard for police to do this. The police will also only be able to charge the criminals for possession and selling the drugs, considering the heroin has not been named as the definite or main cause of death. Geldof’s cause of death will never really be known.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Sky News

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