Lana Del Rey on ‘Shades Of Blue’ [Video]

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Lana Del Rey, the sultry singer who is known for bringing 1960s Americana to the modern day, just released her latest track, Shades Of Blue. The single is Lana’s follow up to West Coast, the lead single off Ultraviolence, and is available on iTunes with the pre-order of the album. The track that Lana promised to release on Monday found its way online and is said to be a promotional single.

Snippets of the track were released online and a somber sounding track, typically observed in Del Rey’s work, was present. Lana promised the fans and assured interviewers that Ultraviolence, would be personal and dark. Working with Dan Auerbach, of The Black Keys, she first dropped West Coast, the lead single in April. The track was dark but did not have the shade of dark most fans expected. The song was well received and charted as Lana’s biggest hit on Billboard yet.

To understand what Lana meant by dark and unlistenable, a listen to Shades Of  Cool, will explain it better. The sultry chanteuse has with Rick Nowels, a frequent collaborator, has taken the promotional track to a level of dark only her fans can appreciate. The guitar riffs are obvious in the beginning, but shies away from the layering trick Lana always uses. The layering technique works well for frenzied tracks like Bel Air, but work their magic in the simple arrangement. The track also brings back Lana’s trademark drum beats that remind you of how well she is able to mix hip-hop beats with jazz. One will need to listen to the track for as long as possible to recognize the how similar, yet dissimilar it is to Million Dollar Man.

Lana must be appreciated for turning sad-core music into a popular musical genre. On Shades Of Cool, Lana can be heard singing about her undying love for the bad boy. Blue must be Lana’s favorite color, since her bad boy has eyes of blue, wears blue jeans, and for those who remember, Blue Jeans and Lana’s mesmerizing cover of the classic, Blue Velvet. Lana checks to make sure her favorite references like California, the Chevy Malibu, and drugs is all covered. The chorus sees her move into a rhythm that is almost flowery and reminds you of her skill with captivating choruses. The chorus talks about how she cannot get through to him  in spite of her trying so hard. Lana then goes on to explain that her lover is a soul who loves peace, but is a womanizer, acknowledging that she is one of the many women he is seen with. The track serves as a reminder to the other women in his life, why Lana is his favorite woman compared to the others. Lana then sings about things she cannot change about him, as she slips effortlessly into the chorus.

One of the highlights that this track reveals is the guitar riff coupled with an almost unintelligible Lana cooing through it. She then ends the track with the chorus, a feature that is perhaps what makes this song listenable. Ultraviolence, is now available for pre-order on iTunes and the track-list revealed an new track titled, Is This Happiness. Listen to Lana Del Rey take a soulful twist to the almost unlistenable Shades of blue.

Opinion by Rathan Paul Harshavardan

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