Lana Del Rey Performs New Single at Coachella Valley Music Festival

Lana Del Rey

“The Queen of Pop” as her fans call her, or the more valid name, Lana Del Rey, has just released a single from her new album which has been vastly anticipated by fans as well as other music artists. The track is titled West Coast. Lana Del Rey performed this single at the Coachella Valley Music Festival as a debut performance. It seems fans, who tweet Del Rey daily, if not hourly, have been asking for the track’s release. They are thrilled over the song, as is her label, who just released a billboard with some of the lyrics to Del Rey’s latest hit song West Coast.

The billboard is a photograph of Del Rey smoking a cigarette, and next to her are big bold red letters saying: “Down on the West Coast they got a sayin’.” After a full and complete listen to the song, you will hear why the label has pushed forward with a bold marketing campaign for this cinematic new song. Del Rey emits a sultry, vibrant and feline aura, to which her admirers are drawn. She sways and dabbles with vocals as though she were a painter creating a work of art in front of an entire audience. Her performances show a side to the singer which give you a real idea of who she is. Del Rey’s voice encapsulates the audience and takes them on a journey. The song itself was released April 13 at 3:00 AM PST and 5:00 AM EST. Why this time was chosen, no one really knows besides Del Rey herself. West Coast will appear on iTunes and can be played or purchased there.

The single is off her upcoming album entitled Ultraviolence. Del Rey’s fans had tweeted to her hoping she would read the tweets and release the music a lot sooner. Del Rey had told the public in February to expect the record on May 1, but now she has released the track sooner, much to the liking of her millions of fans. It seems her fan base is growing widely and steadily. Del Rey has about 3.4 million fans on Twitter, which will only grow after her next major release. After Lana Del Rey’s performance of her single at Coachella Valley Music festival, fans will understand which direction Del Rey is taking the album.

As part of its release, Del Rey performed her new material at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, including West Coast and a few others. It seems fitting that she would release her single debut the following day on Twitter. Del Rey appeared in an orange summer dress and with long, brown  and flowing hair. She also had a backing band with a powerful sound and presence. She performed tracks such as Body Electric, Video Games, Blue Jeans and Summertime Sadness. Billboards of her new album, Ultraviolence, have also appeared on the East Coast. There is a billboard with a picture of the word Ultraviolence in big. bold letters and next to it is a picture of Del Rey smoking a fuming cigarette. This billboard appears in Brooklyn, New York,  on an unknown building. The poster gives a glimpse and feel of what the album will encompass, but it is only a taste as it only refers to the title and a picture of the star. It seems the singer is creating an air of mystery.

By Anah Ayala



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