Larry Wilmore to Replace Stephen Colbert

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Larry Wilmore, who has been working with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, will now officially take over the time slot left behind by the end of Stephen Colbert’s popular satirical series The Colbert Report. CBS announced earlier this year that Stephen Colbert was confirmed as the new Tonight Show host and has been seeking a replacement program. The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore will air at 11:30pm, Monday through Thursday.

The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore was created by Jon Stewart and he will be featured as an executive producer on the show along with Larry Wilmore himself. Many are thrilled by the inclusion of a black host, a welcomed change from the otherwise completely white-male dominated late night television lineup. Wilmore will be the showrunner, or creative authority, of the upcoming ABC program Black-ish before shifting his focus exclusively to The Minority Report.

Larry Wilmore, a California resident, is an award-winning actor, comedian, and author. He has received an Emmy for the pilot to The Bernie Mac Show, and a Peabody Award and Humanitas Prize for his work on that series. He also wrote the book I’d Rather We Got Casinos and Other Black Thoughts.

Larry Wilmore’s program is expected to take over Stephen Colbert’s time slot in January, 2015. The Minority Report will feature a comedic take on daily news, with a fresh set of perspectives. The previous show, hosted by Stephen Colbert, utilized a faux-conservative character to parody current events.

A recent episode of The Colbert Report featured Ellen Page, from the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past. In the segment, Colbert interviews the actress about coming out as “openly Canadian.” Ellen Page came out earlier this year at an HRC conference as a lesbian.

Katla McGlynn on The Huffington Post takes a moment to review some commonly unknown facts about the The Colbert Report. The show has aired over 1,200 episodes and the entire process is described as “grueling” by the writing staff. Often, writers only have about a half an hour to go over the scripts. All but two of The Colbert Report’s writers are white men. Colbert lampoons mainstream conservative anchors by building a character that ignores facts and pigeonholes all public figures and events into the rigid categories “good” or “bad.”

While The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are often younger viewers’ sole source of national news, Stephen Colbert has said that he views his program as purely comical. Jon Stewart also claims comedy first and foremost, though a writer on PolicyMic follows the increase in Millennial votership since Jon Stewart’s rise to television. The Minority Report will likely follow the same formula as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, by mixing comedy with current events and popular culture without too much vested interest in actually influencing its viewers. Larry Wilmore, who will be taking over for Stephen Colbert, is expected to bring a new lens to late-night programming that promises to entertain and inform viewers without alienating the base assembled by his comedic predecessor.

By James Ryder

Hollywood Reporter
Huffington Post

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