Michael Jace Charged for Shooting Wife

Michael Jace

Shield actor Michael Jace has been charged for shooting his wife. His 40-year-old wife, April, was found dead in her home by police on Monday. The actor was arrested on site, according to the police, and there were no other suspects believed to be involved.

The 51-year-old actor is best known for his role as a gay cop in Shield, but has also had roles in NYPD Blue and Southland. He also had a small part in the Tom Hank’s legendary film Forrest Gump. Out of all of those, the first show has been his longest-running and most successful point in his acting career.

Jace claims that his wife was home when he arrived, and during the 911 phone call admitted that he had shot her. Their two sons together witnessed the events, according to TMZ. The phone call was not immediate, as neighbors called to report the shots fired. However, he did remain on the phone after calling just like he was asked to do, and was waiting outside for the police when they arrived.

Something like that happening would suggest that it was an accident, except that his wife was found with multiple gunshot wounds. However, there have been not statements released, and no motive for the killing. Neighbors have not yet shared their accounts of how happy the family was. The good news is that the children were unharmed physically.

Jace has been arrested and charged with his wife’s murder due to the shooting at their Los Angeles home. He did not appear to resist arrest, and seems to have been open about the events that happened before the 911 phone call.

The most distressing part for police has been dealing with the two boys. They are both under 10, and had to wait for social services to arrive to take them to a family member for the night. The boys were obviously distressed at hearing the shots, and knowing that their father killed their mother. It is unclear just how much they saw of the events, but there are hopes that they did not witness the whole thing for their own psychological states.

Police will continue to investigate the case, and information can only be released as more is known. Jace will remain in jail for now, but there is a $1 million bail. His first court appearance will happen on Thursday, when a judge can determine how to act with the case and whether it will go to trial or not. It will also be a chance for the 51-year-old actor to make his plea.

Detective Sal LaBarbera of the Los Angeles Police Department released a statement to acknowledge that Jace had been arrested. While he could not comment too much on the case, he spoke about how sad it was for the children. The boys have “lost their mom, and now their dad is in jail.” Only time will tell whether their father will be released, and where they will live until that happens. For now, Jace is in jail charged for shooting his wife.

By Alexandria Ingham





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