Michael Jackson Former Manager Planned to Kidnap Him


Michael Jackson’s former manager had planned to kidnap him in a last ditch attempt to rescue the troubled star. The plan was concocted with the help of Jackson’s sister, Latoya.

Ron Weisner, 69, has revealed, in a new book entitled Listen Out Loud: Managing McCartney, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, the details of his and Latoya’s plan to pull the singer out of the downward spiral his life had become. The concept was first hatched in 2006, at a time when Weisner says Jackson was at the height of his self-destructive behavior. The world famous superstar was reportedly spending an inordinate amount of time in the Middle East in order to escape his troubles in North America. During that time, Bahraini royalty allegedly supplied him with copious amount of money and drugs which fueled Jackson’s existing issues with narcotics. It is believed that this problem began after the multi-Grammy winning artist’s infamous accident during the 1984 filming of a Pepsi ad, during which Jackson’s hair ignited. He reportedly suffered extremely painful migraines as a result of the incident. In an effort to ease his pain, Jackson resorted to prescription painkillers, to which he began to become addicted. This matter was fueled even further in 1999, when the Billy Jean hit-maker fell three or four stories after a prop he was using collapsed at a concern in Munich while he was performing his legendary hit Earth Song. The fall caused Jackson to sustain a rather severe injury to his back, exacerbating his dependence on pain medication. Weisner has stated that many attempts were made over the years to intervene with his client’s drug problem, but to no avail.

Weisner’s and Latoya’s plan to kidnap the singer was supposed to be put into action during Jackson’s aforementioned time in the Middle East. The idea was that the two would simply snatch the singer and force him into a rehabilitation center, preferably in a desolate location where the press and fans could not interfere with the process. Weisner’s view was that the time for cautious measures had gone, and that action had to be taken if there was any chance of saving the King of Pop.

It is reported that Weisner and Latoya discussed the plan 10 times over the course of the year. In the end, however, Weisner states that Jackson’s sister pleaded with him to put an end to the plan, effectively talking him out of it. He claims that, in retrospect, the idea was most likely a bad one, and that it was for the best that it was never fully orchestrated. His main concern was that, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the event, those associated with the law would view it as a crime due to the actual kidnapping taking place. Soonafter, Weisner was fired from managing Jackson’s affairs by Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson.

Michael Jackson eventually lost his battle with pharmaceuticals in 2009, suffering a heart attack due to an overdose of propofol and benzodiazepine. He was 50 years old. Weisner stated that after his termination from involvement with Jackson, he did not speak to the singer until just days before his death. He stated that Jackson looked like a man who had given up, like a prisoner of war.

It is impossible to know whether Weisner’s plan to kidnap Michael Jackson would have altered the course of his future and prevented his untimely death. His former manager, however, firmly holds the view that it was the best choice to let situation take its course.

by Rebecca Grace

The Daily Mail
Sunshine Coast Daily
Los Angeles Times

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