Michelle Knight Speaks of One Year Anniversary Escape From Ariel Castro Home

Michelle Knight Speaks of One Year Anniversary Escape from Ariel Castro Home

May 6, 2014 will be the one year anniversary of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus escaping from inside the Cleveland, Ohio house of Ariel Castro. They had been held captive for nearly a decade before the three of them managed to escape. Knight, age 33, was interviewed on Monday for a news program and stated that she believed Castro deserved forgiveness because she would want to be forgiven if she had done something wrong.

She added that he was a human being and that every human needed to be loved even if what he had done was wrong. Castro had kidnapped and tortured her along with the two other women for almost 10 years. Knight, age 33, explained that she did not see very much of the other women now, saying that they were living their own lives and that they do not have much of a relationship with each other at the present time.

Knight said that the three were in the process of attempting of healing in their own ways. She admitted that she felt a lot of rage while she was imprisoned in Castro’s home. In court he admitted to kidnapping, rape, murder and many other charges. He kept Knight, Berry and DeJesus locked in bedrooms in the house, while raping and repeatedly physically and mentally abusing them.

Knight, who has a book coming out on Tuesday called Finding Me. It probes into her 10 years of being a captive in Castro’s home. The manuscript comes out on the one-year anniversary of her rescue. Knight stated that she has also taken on other projects as well since getting away from Castro. She explained that she has also been working as a singer and has just recorded a song. She is also in training to possibly become a boxer.

Castro, age 53, pleaded guilty back in August of last year to over hundreds of various charges and after he was sent to prison, was found dead in his cell from suicide. Knight stated that she was startled when Castro killed himself. She could not help but wonder why he would hurt his children in such a way.

Knight and the two other kidnap victims disappeared separately between the years of 2002 and 2004. Berry was age 14, DeJesus was age 16 and Knight was age 20. Knight stated that Castro was able to lure her to his house with the promise of giving her a puppy because she was looking for one for her young son because his dog had just died.

The three women ended up escaping and being rescued from Castro’s dilapidated house on May 6, 2013, when Berry busted through a screen door and began yelling for help.

Berry and DeJesus have been working together with two Washington Post reporters on a book that is scheduled to come out in 2015. Charles Ramsey, the man who has been recognized as helping the three women escape out of the house, has also penned a book. Knight herself has since changed her name to Lillian Rose Lee.

May 6, 2014 will be the one year anniversary of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus escaping from the Cleveland, Ohio house of Ariel Castro.

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