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Mick Jagger, a man some would say is a rock god, has been making music for over 50 years. Part of the legendary Rolling Stones, he has made musical contributions that have influenced generations. His voice has been heard around the world, and still remains playing in the hearts of many. In March of this year Jagger had a trying and heartbreaking month as he lost his longtime girlfriend L’Wren Scott.

Jagger was born in 1943 in England. In his 70 years of life he has not only be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but has also been knighted for his services to music. Jagger met, fellow Rolling Stone, Keith Richards in 1950 while in school at Wentworth Primary School in the United Kingdom. They remained friends and moved into a flat together when they were in their late teens. While Richards was determined to make a rhythm and blues band, Jagger continued his studies and considered a career in journalism or politics. Luckily for music fans he pursued his interests in music. Interestingly he compares politicians to pop stars.

The Rolling Stones first performance was in 1962 in a jazz club in England. Their name was a little less formal than, being call the Rollin’ Stones. Two years of performing and touring the United Kingdom would have them ranked Britain’s number one band, even out ranking The Beatles at that time. A decade later The Rolling Stones would cross the waters and tour in America. Dressed in glittery outfits and wearing touches of makeup, the group never seemed fearful to experiment and try new things. This also included drugs, which both Jagger and Richards were arrested for, and for which both have openly admitted use.

Jagger started recording solo albums while still performing with The Rolling Stones in 1985. His album did well, getting a few top ten singles on the charts. He performed with other big name musicians on a few occasions, including Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and David Bowie. He would continue to release solo albums with various labels, and still does today.

A life long love/hate relationship seems to exist between Jagger and Richards. Despite having a few lengthy feuds the two have always seemed to come back together. Richards described it once as “a sibling squabble”, which would be understandable as the two have been life long friends and brothers in the band for five decades. In times of need they seem to support each other and will always been viewed as members of The Rolling Stone family to their fans.

Mick Jagger is not only a rock star in terms of his music, but has also been quite the ladies man over the years. He has seven children, one from first wife Bianca De Macias, and four from second wife Jerry Hill. His first daughter was born in 1970 with Marsha Hunt, and his last child, a son, was born in 1999 with Luciana Gimenez. He has four grandchildren. His most recent relationship was with the now deceased L’wren Scott. The two had been together since 2001.

L’wren sadly died in her Manhattan apartment, after having taken her own life. She was found by her assistant on March 17 of this year. reportedly hung with a scarf. Jagger along with Scott’s brother organized her funeral service, which was at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Her body was cremated and her ashes were given to various members of her family.

Jagger’s official site opens with a fabulous black and white photo of his lost love. He spoke kind and lovingly at her memorial service on May 2, as well as sang Bob Dylan’s Just Like a Woman. Since her death Mick has expressed love and disbelief. He said he struggles to understand how she could do such a thing.

Mick Jagger, the man and the rock legend, has been in the media and music world for nearly all of his life. He has made music, independently and with The Rolling Stones, that will continue to be played and heard for generations to come. The loss of his love recently is a sadness that is, and will be felt, by many as both he and Scott have touched so many lives.

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    very nice………a lot of time spent enjoying and following Mick’s career, music, style, fashion……one has to be very sorry for his loss.

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