Microsoft Smartwatch Device and Its Purpose


The Microsoft smartwatch is coming soon, if rumors of its imminent release are to be believed. Although it has not been reported exactly when, rumor has it that the wearable tech device is slated for release quickly, especially since competitors like Apple and Google are currently on the same mission to produce a universally accepted smartwatch. The purpose of the device by Microsoft will be to serve as a fitness tracker as well as to provide music, phone and messaging services.

The wearable technology by Microsoft is being developed to compete against other technology companies, such as Apple, Google and Samsung. Samsung is already ahead of the race, as the company has already released its version of the tech watch, called the Galaxy Gear, last year. The rest of the companies have catching up to do, but Microsoft is the only one that is not releasing a date for the debut of their smartwatch. Google is planning to release their wearable tech, the Moto 360, this summer. As for Apple, it is rumored to be released at the end of this year, as the company is heavily invested in the health and fitness field for the wearable tech project. In fact, Apple plans to be the leader when providing health and fitness services with a smartwatch.

Microsoft patented the wearable tech device in October of 2012 and so far it has only been released in the U.S. patent office. The wearable tech device is rumored to be guided by Stephen Elop, former Nokia CEO , who is currently running Microsoft’s devices division. One of the smartwatch’s purposes is to serve as a fitness tracker, as Microsoft has hinted that the device will have a pulse-reading sensor. Like the other companies, the wearable tech device will provide music, phone and messaging services – the same features currently provided by Microsoft smartphones made by Nokia.

One unique feature is that Microsoft will allow for the watch to be removable from the band in order for washing or cleaning. The watch itself can also be attached to charging devices, making it basically a detachable smartwatch. This aspect addresses the fact that the tech device will need cleaning due to perspiration. The fitness aspect of the tech device will have three features. One is the running function in which GPS technology will be used to show the user where he or she is currently running. The second is the heart function,which displays the heartbeat or pulse of the user. Lastly, a fire icon is also available showing the user the calories that are being burned during exercise.

Microsoft flirted in 2004 with the smartwatch idea, joining forces with Fossil, Suunto and Citizen to release watches with the purpose of providing FM radio, sports scores, stock trends and the news. Unfortunately, these early devices never caught on with the public and the projects were cancelled in 2008. Hopefully for Microsoft, their new smartwatch project will fare better with the public, especially due to the tough competition this time around.

By Jose Herrera

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