NBC Cancels Growing Up Fisher and Community Among Others

NBC Cancels Growing Up Fisher and Community Among Others
NBC has lowered the boom on several of its series, deep sixing Community after a five-year run and also canceling shows from this season, like Believe, Revolution this was its second season), Crisis, and Growing Up Fisher, according to TVGuide.com and numerous other sources. Why, NBC, why?

It’s understandable when shows get canceled because they are getting low ratings, but some series, like Friends and Seinfeld, have benefited by being renewed for a second season despite not having spectacular ratings their first seasons. Growing Up Fisher was frequently getting ratings that were higher than a long-running comedy which was renewed, Parks & Recreation. And, reportedly, if Community had lasted at least one more season, there was talk from series creator, Dan Harmon, that he would do whatever he could to have a movie made based on the cult comedy series.

All hope is not lost, fans of Community — with a little bit of luck, Netflix might pick up the series, much as they did with another extremely funny series, Arrested Development. Or, maybe Hulu will decide to add Community to their lineup; who knows?

NBC Cancels Growing Up Fisher and Community Among Others

Revolution was a big hit its first season, but it was likely hurt in the ratings game this season, without having The Voice as a lead-in like it had during its first season. That is no indication of the show’s quality; but, ratings are the name of the game. It’s often difficult for a series to continue to do well if it either loses its lead-in, or switches nights.

Both Crisis and Believe were canceled by NBC in their debut years. Perhaps the titles of them weren’t descriptive enough about what they were about, or maybe neither received enough publicity and word-of-mouth, or good reviews to gain a large enough audience to be renewed. For whatever reason or combination of reasons, neither show will be moving on to a second season.

About a Boy fared better, in an earlier time slot. It’s pulled decent enough ratings that NBC renewed it for another season. It’s about a young boy named Marcus, played by Benjamin Stockham, and his single mother Fiona, played by actress Minnie Driver, and how they both get entangled in the life of an unemployed bachelor, Will (David Walton), who resides in San Francisco, California.

Next week, NBC, ABC, and CBS will reveal what their fall lineups will be to advertisers. Preparing for that, and attempting to attract advertisers with the prospect of newer series, is probably a big reason NBC decided to cancel certain series and renew other ones.

The canceling of Community hit its fans hard. They have shown great loyalty to the series over the years, much as the fans of Arrested Development have with that series. They wanted to make into a reality their rallying call that Community would last a sixth season, and that a movie would be made based on the series.

The renewal of About a Boy came as good news to its new but growing fan base. Also, fans of Hannibal are rejoicing, as NBC renewed it for another season. The absence of Community will be sorely felt by its fans. It will be exciting to hear what new shows will be debuting on NBC and the other major stations next week, but for now, fans of the canceled shows are likely still reeling from the news of the cancellations.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


3 Responses to "NBC Cancels Growing Up Fisher and Community Among Others"

  1. Drew Harris   September 6, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    I am a high school student and have very low vision so watching growing up fisher really gave me hope for my future

  2. Diane Piasecki   May 14, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    I watched Growing up Fisher every week. I got started because I was looking for something to watch instead of Trophy Wife (a ridiculous show based on a ridiculous premise). I started to really like it, and now it’s being cancelled!!!! That IS ridiculous!!

  3. Dave L.   May 12, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Growing Up Fisher Cancelled? If the blind father was another recipient, living on the government dole, they wouldn’t have had the balls to cancel the show!


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