Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Features

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microsoft surfaceMicrosoft has hailed that their Surface Pro 3 is “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” with its array of updates and features. The device’s display has been updated for this latest model. The tablet exchanged its 16:9 aspect ration for a 3:2 ratio. Widescreen videos will no longer fill the entire screen when played, but the design for the display is aimed to accommodate portrait friendly apps and enhance user experience with them. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 also augmented the amount of screen real estate, 10.6 inches to 12, making it larger than the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HDX. The gadget’s pixel density is far greater than most entry laptops, with a PPI (Pixels Per Inch) of 216.

During the announcement of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 features, a representative from the company -Panos Panay- placed the apparatus on a scale adjacent to the Macbook Air. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 weighed approximately 300 grams less than the Apple laptop. The Surface Pro 3 weighing 800 grams and the Macbook Air weighing 1.3k grams. Panay proved that the Surface Pro 3 is, officially, a “light” device. The new gizmo is much thinner as well, dropping over half an inch from previous iterations. Now it has a thickness of 0.3 inches, competing with the latest iPads. The updates in weight and size are a response to the previous versions of the device obtaining a “bulky” reputation. In terms of thickness, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is thinner than the Apple iPad Mini, and just as thick as the iPad Air. The operating system, Windows 8.1, has been noted by tech enthusiasts to better handle high resolution displays.

When faced with criticisms for the kick-stand of the previous version, Microsoft updated the feature for the new Surface Pro. The kick-stand is completely adjustable, allowing for users of all heights to utilize the device simply. The stylus is now implemented with new features, including quick anytime access to the note-taking app.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3, aside from the new user interaction features, has updated its technical specifications. The tablet wields powerful internals comparable to a laptop. The higher tech specs have made the contraption more expensive than its competitors. Russell Holy, from Geek, praised the Surface Pro 3 for its responsiveness. The device has launched new applications to enhance typing and input. For those who prefer to write, as opposed to type, there is an application that can take your handwriting from the stylus and convert to text. The new Surface Pro Type Cover (sold separately) carries a larger trackpad with smoother scrolling and less friction. Panay stated during the reveal of the device that, “I am sure that this tablet can replace the laptop.” The company also declared that Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola, BMW, and LVMH-Moet Hennessy have already proclaimed their support and implementation of the tablet in their businesses. An analyst, from the research firm Gartner, considers the Surface Pro 3 as “a really competitive entry,” in reference to the tablet and laptop markets. Silver also praised Microsoft for its implementation of new features, without requiring too many “trade-offs.” He also stated that Microsoft is leading innovation in the computer industry.

By Andres Loubriel

Seattle Times