Climate Change Is Affecting the World

Climate Change

Climate change is affecting the world; it is a known fact nationwide. Climate change includes long-term shifts in temperature, winds, precipitation, and a few other signs. Weather conditions are another major indicator of climate change, whether the shift is average or extreme. This field of scientific inquiry touches on such subjects as global warming and pollution. Evidence of climate change can be seen in places like Antarctica and the poles, where the masses of ice have been reduced, taking away from the natural habitat of creatures such as polar bears. Some individuals believe that global warming is not something to worry about; however, the reality of the situation is a different story.

Burning fossil fuels is the cause of global climate change. There are three types of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. Known as hydrocarbons, these three fuel sources come from the remains of dead plants and or animals. Another name that they are known by is mineral fuels. The breaking down of these fuels happens when the minerals are exposed to high amounts of heat and pressure from Earth’s crust. This process extends over millions of years which then allows for human beings to harvest. The burning of the fossil fuels is the largest known source of carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn makes this process a contributor to the climate change affecting the world.

Global warming is the continuous rise of the Earth’s temperature. It is safe to assume that human beings are the sole cause of this worldwide phenomenon. A direct greenhouse gas is water vapor. This is not directly caused by man; however, the slightest difference or increase in the carbon dioxide can raise the atmospheric temperature. The change in any amount of carbon dioxide acts like a blanket over the atmospheric layer. Much like a dirty air filter, this blanket acts like a clog, making it difficult for the Earth to circulate cleaner air.

In the face of global climate change and its effects on the world’s ecosystems, humanity has been looking for alternative sources of energy. Other alternative sources are being used that have a less harmful effect on the environment and Earth’s atmosphere. These other sources include, but are not limited to, solar and wind energy. The sun being the natural source for light and heat, solar panels have been made to capture sunlight and turn it into energy, which is used to power homes and other buildings. Wind is also a source of energy, one that is harvested with wind turbines. Water has been known to be a good, natural source for giving energy as water has a natural flow.

Climate change is affecting the world, and the race is on to implement alternative sources of energy. However, even as the search progresses, the continued use of fossil fuels only adds more to global warming. Will there be different and more efficient ways of gaining energy from the planet before everything is used up? This is what science is hoping to find out and hopefully, there shall be a solution before it is too late.

Opinion by Isis E. Stevens


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  1. ReduceGHGs   May 22, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Each of us should ask ourselves… “What am I doing about it?” The people that will be forced to live with what we leave them are worth some effort. Apathy/inaction effectively advocates for more of the same destructive behaviors. We can and MUST do better.



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