Nigerian Hunters Plan to Take Action Against Islamic Terrorists


Nigerian hunters plan to take action against Islamic terrorist organization known as Boko Haram in response to the mass kidnapping of nearly 300 girls in northeast Nigeria.  This response has been provoked as well by the Nigerian military’s alleged inability to rescue those who had been taken.  Nigerian hunters from the state of Borno are beginning to take matters into their own hands by arming themselves with homemade weapons and indigenous spells in order to aid the government in the rescue of those who had been kidnapped.

Approximately 500 experienced hunters of all ages have gathered to begin the search in the city of Maiduguri, the capital of the Borno state in northeast Nigeria.  Their reasoning behind their mass response is that unlike the military, these men who have made a living hunting in the bush of Nigeria have an unparalleled wealth of experience to put to use. It would be invaluable to the Nigerian government and its military.

Many western nations such as the United States, Great Britain, and France have banded together in response to the mass kidnapping, utilizing state of the art surveillance techniques such as drone planes and other aircraft to find and rescue the girls who had been kidnapped.  However, while these methods work exceptionally well in open fields, desert, and the savannah, it is believed that Boko Haram is more likely camping and holding their captives in the more densely populated forests and mountain caves, making the air search more difficult.

Soldiers of the Nigerian army also face difficulties, while the local Nigerian hunters are seemingly without hindrance.  Reports show that the Nigerian army is ill-equipped, undertrained, and underpaid, all of which makes the task of fighting Boko Haram so much more daunting.  Like other terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram is reported to be well armed and supplied.  This is the rationalization as to why the military has been perceived to be ineffective by the Nigerian hunters who are planning to take action against the Islamic terrorists who initially perpetrated this crime.

As of now, these Nigerian hunters have only gathered together in Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram as they await the approval of the Nigerian government to begin their own effort in finding the girls.  This mass gathering in response to Boko Haram’s heinous crimes shows how united this group of hunters are, and how they are willing to take whatever actions are necessary in order to fight this terrorist organization, responsible for the deaths of over 1500 civilians this year.

According to reports, each hunter currently gathered in Maiduguri had been carefully selected by their fellow peers based on the merits of their skills in hunting and tracking in the bush of Nigeria.  The Nigerian hunters who are seeking to take action against the terrorist organization not only believe their skills as hunters make them suited for the task, but that the spells and amulets they arm themselves with along with their own weapons will protect them against all harm.  The fact that these brave men will not be intimidated by such a ruthless and lethal organization speaks volumes about the courage and resilience of the Nigerian people in the wake of this horrible event.

By David Jones

NBC News
NY Daily News
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