Miley Cyrus Encourages Pot Smoking on Bangerz Tour [Video]

Miley CyrusDuring her Bangerz tour in London’s O2 arena, Miley Cyrus tells her fans that smoking cigarettes is nasty and will kill a person, however smoking weed will not, then goes on to effectively encourage smoking pot. Prior to singing Summertime Sadness she told fans that it stinks in the arena, and  it is ‘not the good stuff’. She then goes on to say how she used to smoke cigarettes, but quit when it started making her look old. At just 21, she states she does not want to look old before her time. Cigarettes make your breath stink and no one wants to make out with someone when they smell like smoke, she stated in her speech. Continuing on, she tells the fans that smoking pot will not make a persons breath stink, and then making out with any guy or girl will not be an issue. What started out as a very positive message, and one that is important to today’s youth, ended up on a very different note. In classic Miley style she went on to point out the virtues of smoking marijuana. The only thing she did not do was light up a joint during this speech.

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has been getting a reputation for lighting up on stage during concerts, but this speech was a new twist. She states that they give her lavender to relax and calm down prior to a show, however it does not work so she smokes a joint. Maybe this is why she had a reaction to antibiotic’s, or maybe not. She assures everyone that her hospital stay had nothing to do with drugs, overdoses, or anything of that nature. It was simply a reaction to the medication they put her on for a sinus infection. Whatever it was, fans are certainly glad she is back and able to complete her tour, although the remaining dates in the U.S. have been put off until August.

Parents will certainly be up in arms after this speech (see video below), and many will not want their children to be influenced by the pop stars words. Cyrus has amassed a huge following with teenagers and younger, and promoting pot may well out weigh the benefit of preaching about not smoking cigarettes. At this point in her career nothing should surprise her fans anymore, and is it anymore  or less influential to speak about smoking pot, than it is lighting up on stage? There will always be those that loath what Cyrus stands for, just as there are those that will stand beside her to stick up for the right to live life without judgement. If it offends some, then they should not watch or go to her concerts. It is easy to judge, and maybe this time Miley Cyrus crossed a line by encouraging smoking pot during the London leg of her Bangerz tour. Her fans are certainly not complaining, although others surely will, and it is ultimately her devoted fans that will determine if this is too much or not.

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