Miley Cyrus in a Serious Need for Attention


It has been a while since Miley Cyrus made the headlines and it seems like she is in a serious need of attention. Her outrageous behavior obviously became completely taken for granted, therefore, the media are almost no longer reporting on her scandals and bizarre stage performances. The Wrecking Ball singer was used to being in the center of the attention, so she was probably quite surprised when almost nobody cared about what she is doing. Apparently, Cyrus managed to find a way to make her way back to the headlines. Two ways actually.

During her performance in London on May 9, Miley told her fans that she is heartbroken. The singer did not tell them a specific name, but she did hint that she is talking about her ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, as she added that she wrote the song Wrecking Ball for someone who broke her heart. She also said that she wanted to write a No.1 song, something that would be on the radio, so that he would keep hearing it for the rest of his life. A source later revealed that Liam disappointed Miley again. The two of them were reportedly talking again when she was in LA and Hemsworth visited Cyrus when she was hospitalized. According to the source, the singer was later trying to make plans to come back to the LA, in order to see him. However, her ex shut her down, even though he felt bad about it. Miley obviously got her hopes high, but Liam wants to move on. The fact that he disappointed her again, made Cyrus very angry.

Miley and Liam broke up last year and even though the reason remains unknown, people are guessing that the singer’s outrageous behavior at MTV VMA’s performance caused issues between the two of them. However, after the performance in London, Cyrus took to Twitter to confirm that her comments did not refer to Liam. She wrote that she usually does not respond to tabloid reports, but even though it sounded hateful, this is not the effect she wanted. However, Cyrus successfully managed to make her way back to the headlines, as the media immediately started talking about her possible renewed relationship with Hemsworth.

However, Liam is not the only one leaving Miley heartbroken. On Saturday, May 17, the singer wrote a long and rambling passage in which she described how emotionally distraught she still is from her dog Floyd’s death. Cyrus’s dog died over a month ago, but she is obviously still recovering from her loss. In her long passage, Cyrus wrote that she failed to protect her dog as a mother and that she does not know when the regret and the guilt will fade. It is understandable that the singer is sad, however, it is time that she stops using Floyd’s death in order to make the headlines. Yes, it is sad to lose an animal friend, but she is not the only one who has ever lost it. It is completely okay to miss her dog, but the fact is that she is overreacting.

Cyrus is trying so hard to prove to the world that she is an adult, but on the other hand, she is acting like a child. She should know that nothing in life lasts and many times, people have to say goodbye to the ones they love the most. No matter how you love a person or an animal, someday they will be gone. Pay them respect, cry for them and move on. Miley does not have to publicly mourn for her loss for over a month and she should just let her dog to rest in peace.

Miley Cyrus has had a hard couple of months. She lost her dog, she was hospitalized and apparently, she lost her ex-fiancé for good. The fact that media almost stopped reporting about her was obviously a good reason to bring some memories back. Miley was used to being in the center of attention, as the media constantly wrote and report about her every move. Obviously, she got too boring or too predictable. As this happened, the Wrecking Ball singer almost immediately found a way to come back to the spotlight. By using her ex-fiancé and her deceased dog, Miley is making the headlines again.

Opinion By Janette Verdnik

International Business Times
US Weekly
Daily Mail

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