Mother’s Day Cards Mushy or Funny Choice

Mother's DayWhen choosing a Mother’s Day card, the real dilemma to solve is whether to go mushy or funny with the selection. The greeting card selections at most stores offer scores of options, as long as the card is not chosen 10 minutes before a Sunday afternoon Mother’s Day visit. All mothers expect a card and the proper direction to take is important. Often, the choice depends most on the personality of the mom. Those always looking for a laugh will probably prefer a funny one and the more sentimental mothers like mushy cards.

If an obvious choice does not jump out, then the situation requires further thought and analysis. Prior experience obviously matters, as does the card display factor. Another part of the decision relates to whether the dependability of siblings to send cards. A host of items can channel the card decision in the proper direction.

If the card is going to be displayed, then picking a mushy card is preferable to choosing a funny card for Mother’s Day. The mother who puts all her treasured cards on the mantle for public display wants to show she is well loved by her children. If she places the cards in an area where all guests can see them, then the mom wants to show off her cards. Showing off is problematic when the cards are too funny or goofy. They do not have the same show off cache as a sweeter choice.

The sibling situation is another branch of the Mother’s Day card decision tree. If all her children will definitely send a card, then a funny card from one of them is more of an option. A mother who fails to receive cards from all her children will feel some disappointment from the failure of the forgetful child. She may not be in the mood for a laugh. The card given to a partially disappointed mom will need to make up for the failure of the others and a mushy, sentimental card will be more welcomed. If all siblings are dependable, then the type of card each of them will choose matters as well. A funny card fits better if mom also receives another more sentimental one.

A mother who is also a grandparent is likely to receive a card from her grandchild, which means she may be more receptive to a funny one. The grandchild card can feature a handprint or a scribble from the little one and that is very loving on its own. A funny card will look better placed next to a handprint card prepared by a child.

In any event, no mother is going to react poorly to a sentimental choice. Everyone appreciates being loved and a card which expresses her child’s love and devotion will always be appreciated. Funny may work as a good change of pace if mom is going through a difficult patch in her life, whether it be a health problem or job difficulties. A cheerful and funny card can be a bright spot.

When choosing between a funny or mushy card for Mother’s Day, the most important factor is to knowing the recipient. What makes her happiest? Everyone wants recognition for a job well done. Picking out a good card to fit mom’s personality will more likely hit a home run with her.

Opinion By William Costolo

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