Narendra Modi is Communal Says Intellectuals

Narendra Modi

Election season is at its peak and the excitement among the citizens, politicians, and corporates is running high. The leadership of a party is crucial for the corporate world because the reputed organizations seek help from the government. The span of 5 years, for any party, to be in a government is a long time for companies to flourish. Recently, some famous intellectuals of India have commented that Narendra Modi communal. It is quite a cliché to note that this sort of stance has a little effect on corporate world. The only thing which drives the corporate sector is the “profit motive.”

A developing country like India does have a lot of appetite in terms of industrialization, especially if the organizations have a good rapport with the ruling party. Hence, there are in-numerous instances where big brands are pretty conscious about the political scenario. These companies have a proclivity towards those political parties that are going to support them in every way possible. Most of the campaigns in favor of political parties are driven by millions of dollars sourced from corporate giants.

Narendra Modi, in his recent election rally in the state of West Bengal, is believed to have hurt the sentiments of a particular religious community from Bangladesh. The comment had caused immense discontent among many people. Intellectuals of different fields strongly condemned Modi’s comment and urged the public to reject him.

They pointed out that Narendra Modi and his party was trying to spread communalism and inter-caste hatred. Narendra Modi had said that ‘infiltrators’ should be barred from staying and entering this country. He added that such illegal people take away the jobs of the locals, which eventually gives rise to the vicious circle of poverty and unemployment. In response to this statement of Modi, the intellectuals retorted by saying that such statements are even issued by various people of Europe who have an inclination towards racism and fascism.

It is believed that most companies are inclined towards BJP. Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate is quite enthusiastic about his victory it seems. Interestingly, the communal comments of Modi will not hinder the good relation of BJP and corporates. Although there are no concrete facts, it is speculated that BJP has donated millions of dollars to several media houses of India.

However, there are many famous personalities blaming and pointing fingers at Narendra Modi for various issues. Some of the intellectuals believe that Narendra Modi is communal and is biased towards a particular religion. People like Prakash Karat even blamed him to be a staunch supporter of a particular religion. CPI-M’s General Secretary, Mr. Karat, played a crucial role to have chosen Heera Lal Yadav as a candidate in Varanasi. He is standing against BJP’s Narendra Modi, AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal and Congress’s Ajai Rai. Personalities like Saeed Mirza and Girish Karnad openly criticized the 63-year-old Prime Ministerial candidate.

Historians like Irfan Habib and Romila Thapar; theatre personalities such as Anuradha Kapur and M K Raina; academicians like Mushirul Hasan, Amiya Kumar Bagchi and Prabhat Patnaik are some of the personalities who are against BJP and Narendra Modi. The noted economist, Mr Amit Mitra, who is West Bengal’s Finance Minister and an anti-communist, is also among those who have condemned Modi’s statements and ideologies. Communalism is a serious issue and the 63-year-old Prime Ministerial candidate does not have a clean record in that sphere. Even as the intellectuals announced that Narendra Modi is communal, the ultimate power lies with the common man. Be it any party, people expect development and holistic growth in every segment of society from the new government.

Opinion By Sunando Basu

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  1. ks   May 11, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    right, these are people who are going to lose their position and free loading from government when Modi become PM. I pity them.

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