Narendra Modi Scored Big in Indian Election

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi has run a clever political offensive after he was named the official party leader last September, and scored a big win in the Indian election. His expensive high-tech 3D campaign impressed voters aged 18 to 25 who were plugged-in and clearly listening to what the enigmatic leader had to say. His crusade for change was the most costly, ambitious campaign in India’s political history, with Narendra Modi traversing 180,000 or more miles and visiting in addition to 5,000 bureaucratic events since he was named the party’s official leader in 2013.

Amid the lustrous backdrop of the President’s residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan, 63-year-old Narendra Modi was sworn into office, where he took the oath of office with his freshly chosen Cabinet Ministers, which is a tradition in India. Garbed in a high-collared vest, which is a trademark of his, Narendra Modi read the pledge of office in a compelling voice with no flowery speeches afterward. Over 3,000 people attended the ceremony, and twice the number of security specialists watched over the high profile world leaders at the gathering.

Those leaders included the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, and the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai among others. Nawaz Sharif’s attendance of the gathering was seen by many as a sign of goodwill between the two rival countries. The gathering in Rashtrapati Bhavan was the largest of its kind at the historic home of the Indian Prime Ministers. Prior to the swearing in ceremony, Modi had shared tea with his new team of Cabinet Ministers at the country’s memorial to its spiritual father, Mohandas Gandhi, where he told them that they had to perform in their jobs after they had scored such a big win in the Indian election.

India’s new leader has also set up an official website, which became active May 26. Invoking the traditional greeting of Namaste, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written about his plans to take India to big new heights and he seeks the blessings, support and active assistance from fellow Indians to reach that goal after he has attained victory in the election. “Together we will script a glorious future for India,” he assures the masses on his website. Narendra Modi has pledged to control an honest Government and has big plans for creating opportunity and jobs in the Indian nation.

Although Prime Minister Modi was clearly the choice for India, his career as a bureaucrat has been shadowed and controversial. The new leader had indeed created infrastructure and built roads, but there have been questions about his inadequacy to stay the carnage that erupted between Hindus and Muslims in 2002, which broke out in riots and left 1,000 people dead. This act had left the United States denying Narendra Modi access to a Visa until 2014. The United States realized that they would have no choice but to deal with him as a world leader. Right after the Indian election, which gained Narendra Modi a world leadership role, President Obama was quick to reach out to him and offer him congratulations on his big win. Obama invited the Prime Minister Modi to Washington when a time which was mutually agreeable to them.

Thousands of people arrived in the capital city of New Delhi to celebrate the swearing in of their new Prime Minister. Punctuated by pockets of fireworks that echoed in the city square, big screen televisions broadcast the official swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi, to the vast Indian population. Narendra Modi, who had attained such a huge success in the election, has made Indian history, by being one of first lower caste Indians to serve as Prime Minister of India.

Opinion by Korrey Laderoute

The Washington Post

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