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The Netflix movie experience phenomenon has thousands of users going through it at any given time. It can be found within the home, on cellphones and tablets, and just about anywhere an internet connection exists. Netflix is known to have an updated database on movies and films that occurs daily. Some of the films stay in place for about a month while others are there for a short time depending on the response from audience. This occurs with just about any computer program with a server as large as Netflix. Despite this, Netflix still obtains a flurry of new users almost on a daily basis. But, what is the Netflix movie experience? What is Netflix?

Netflix is a paid movie service that streams over 100 movies at one time. These movies are in the genres of action and adventure, sci-fi and fantasy, documentaries, children and family movies, and horror films to list a few. Within these genres are subcategories based on what type of movie one desires to watch. For example, inside the horror movies tab are subcategories such as new releases, B-horror movies, and classic horror. Each of these subcategories has an estimated 40 films to browse through. This is to ensure that even though a particular movie may not be found there are still plenty of other films available. The Netflix movie experience is not for everyone though.

Before this site was around, one would have to download or stream videos from programs such as Limewire. Limewire is a specific hub that allowed people to download anything from videos, shows, documentaries and any other form of visual entertainment that came to mind. Some of the programs were watered down versions of the movie or show known as “cam copies” that had been recorded by camcorder and then posted for download. But, Limewire was not the only program that provided this type of service. This seemed to be the stepping stone leading up to what is now the Netflix movie experience.

A similar movie hosting site is that of Hulu. This movie streaming website consists of movies and shows much like Netflix. However, in comparison by users that have dealt with both, Netflix is often the better choice. Unlike Netflix though one could stream some of the shows and movies from Hulu for free or obtain an account to get better access of the site. It is widely known that just about everyone will stir towards something not needed to be paid for. But, this does not always mean that the experience will be the same as a paid item.

Another website that is similar in the ways to that of the Netflix experience could possibly be YouTube. On this site there are also movies, documentaries, and many a T.V. show. One difference that is known between the two is that YouTube holds a vast collection of music videos of the ever popular celebrities and those with singing abilities. If given the chance, YouTube could possibly have the potential to become competition for Netflix due to this difference.

As with any service provider, no matter what that service may be, the intention is to please the user. Judging by the numerous amounts of people which partake in the Netflix experience it is, perhaps, safe to assume that these account holders are pleased with what they paid for. Netflix seems to be easier than going to the movies nowadays because it is, as stated by some people, convenient. When one cannot find a movie within the home to watch, Netflix provides an alternative solution. It would seem as though with the advancements of technology, Netflix could take over as being the number one movie service provider. It seems certain though that the Netflix experience will continue to grow in popularity amongst the masses as long as there is a desire for the movie experience at home.

Opinion by Isis E. Stevens


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