Chromebooks Getting a Boost From Intel and Google



Tech junkies learnt on Tuesday that Intel processors and Google are joining forces to provide a boost of power to Bay-Trail OS-powered Chromebooks. The news announced from San Francisco, is getting many market watchers and computer users excited about the roll-out of a new string of laptop computers and devices that will be both affordable and provide greater convenience and functionality.

The spring debut of the newest form of Chromebook technology will possess a number of upsides for consumers. According to those closely connected to the tech industry, Google is promising to include Chromebook features that allow users to access their applications, stream movies all without the need to access the web. As well, the newfangled Chromebooks will have conflict-free metal intel chips.  The partnership with Intel and Google in this latest power surge will see a variety of Chromebook devices benefiting from this latest technology that will be seen in models like Acer and Dell, said to be functioning on Intel’s Core i3 processor.

Chromebooks have been gaining a lot of slow, yet steady, momentum in the marketplace since launching in 2011 and have become very popular with students for their compact and lightweight sizes and easy price-point that run generally under $1,000.00. With word of the newly installed processors, it is too soon to tell just how much the prices will likely increase. Consumers with past knowledge of Chromebook’s performance are questioning the longevity of the units battery life and if the newly modified devices will greatly enhance Chromebook’s user-friendliness and previously poor picture quality of its 11 inch screens.

Reports say that many in the technology sector are hoping that Google and Intel working together will jolt the Chromebook industry and bring a boost to the brand that has seen sales in need of a reboot. In comparison to the likes of its rival Apple who has seen growth in its market share but has been bearing little fruit in the form any phenomenal breakthrough in recent development and innovation. Chromebook is hoping to take a bigger bite out of the Apple pie with continued expansion in its development of creative innovations of its own that will heighten its profile with devices and operating functions that make it a worthwhile computer product.

What Chromebook’s executives are most excited about with this new announcement is the proof that Chromebooks does continue to make great strides to improve on itself and look to take the product to new levels with every consecutive new roll-out. While critics say the Chromebook will not likely take the place of die-hard Mac fans, the product is hoping to take the place of the traditional PC by making the devices more readily available offline with storage capabilities provided through use of the cloud.

As technology continues to constantly improve on itself in an effort to keep from becoming obsolete in a competitive marketplace, developers at Intel and Google are confidently working to ensure that Chromebook’s users remain plugged in. Plugged into the constant and ever-changing computer world that give users what they need to stay up to speed with the use of their Chromebooks.

By Hal Banfield

PC World
The Verge

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