New York Man Is Oldest in the World

New York Man is Oldest in the World

A New York man has been named the oldest man in the world at age 111 and he lives on the Upper West Side. Dr. Alexander Imich was amazed when he learned he was now the male with the most longevity on Earth. He received the honor when his predecessor, who lived in Italy, recently passed away.

Dr. Imich was born on February 3, 1903 in Poland and when asked how he had made it so long, he stated that he did not know but that it just happened. He came to the United States in the early 1950’s with his wife Wela and they lived in Connecticut. He moved to New York after she died in 1986.

In looking for reasons in which might have helped him live so long, he stated that he was always active. He was an athlete for most of his life He added that he also always enjoyed learning and that he was always either studying or being a sportsman. He also said that his long life may have resulted from never having any children and not drinking alcohol.

All his friends are even impressed as well. One female pal stated that she thought his great interest and constant activity in something he loved made a huge difference. She has been a friend of Dr. Imich’s for over two decades and she added that she believed his diet most likely had also played a large role.

She stated that he enjoyed eating everything but he had always eaten lots of fruits and vegetables. He ate some meat but he had never had much of an appetite. She added that Dr. Imich had always eaten like a bird ever since she had known him. However he himself admitted that he enjoyed indulging in ice cream. As for living arrangements, he resides in what used to be the office of his late wife. She was both a painter and a therapist.

Even though he is the oldest male on Earth, there are 66 females who are older than he is. He stated this made perfect sense because women were much more necessary than men. Dr. Imich is also living proof that age is never a reason to give that it is too late to start something new a person may be interested in. He wrote and published a book on paranormal activity when he was age 92.

However he had a setback about two months ago when he fell suddenly. His friends explained that he was now tiring much more easily but at the age of 111 he said there was one thing he was still looking for and that was he wanted to understand the cosmos and himself in it. However he realized he might not receive all the answers he wanted in this lifetime and he knew that. It did not not mean he was going to stop looking.

Dr. Imich is now considered the oldest man in the world at the age of 111. He lives on the Upper West Side of New York. He learned of receiving the honor when his predecessor, who lived in Italy, recently passed away. The retired doctor is one proud New Yorker.

By Kimberly Ruble


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