Nightwing Is Soon to Become a Web Series


Nightwing is a popular DC character also known as Robin, or better yet known as Batman’s loyal sidekick. But thanks to some inspiring young filmmakers the hero will be soon be featured in his own web series. The three-part mini series follows character Dick Grayson after he leaves Batman and Gotham to find his own path. He settles down in the city of Bludhaven and assumes the identity Nightwing. From there he fights crime, saves the day, and blossoms into a superhero legend.

The show is being produced in an extremely atypical fashion. The film is not in association with DC at all and is being funded by Kickstarter donations. Ismahawk productions started the project, which is a group of talented young filmmakers located in Las Vegas. The project has already collected over 34 thousand dollars and continues to rise. The show is set to be a fan fiction web series, consisting of three ten to fifteen minute episodes. Fans will be able to catch the show on YouTube.

So the question on fans minds is – is it legal? It is true that Warner Bros and DC own the rights to Nightwing but they keep an open mind to fan productions. Warner Bros stated at the 2005 Comic Con that they appreciate fan productions as long as they are not commercial. Considering Ismahawk is a non-profit they have not been stopped yet. The film group states that the project is exclusively for fun made by true fans of the Nightwing comics.

Nightwing was created by Edmond Hamilton and drawn by Curt Swan of DC Comics. The character was originally an alias for Superman used in Kandor, which was a city from his home planet eventually destroyed. It was not until Nightwing got his own comic in 1995 that he was introduced as Dick Grayson. Nightwing has since grown to be a very compelling character. He has an overwhelming need to serve justice just like his idol and father figure Batman; only unlike Batman he is a lot younger. Grayson learns to coop with the responsibility and danger of his lifestyle when he chooses to devote himself to the greater good.

Nightwings character calls out to young men everywhere looking for purpose in life. Just like Batman, Nightwing does not have any powers and protecting the innocent is his choice. Sure, he has had a rough start but he does not have any abilities giving him an advantage. Batman took him under his wing after mobsters killed his circus family. He became the first Robin out of many after learning that the billionaire who took him in was the Dark Knight himself. Human heroes such as Batman have always been favored for being just that – human. Superpowers are not needed in order to be a good person and do good, and that is the lesson Nightwing passes on to its viewers. Even someone from extremely unfortunate circumstances has the ability to help others. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to help the cause and keep an eye on YouTube for the upcoming Nightwing series.

By Morgan Louchen

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