Oakland Raiders Rush the NFL Draft

Raiders NFL DraftThe Oakland Raiders chose a pass rusher in the draft with their first pick. Khalil Mack was picked up for his ability to get at the quarterback and stop the run. Dennis Allen, coach for the Raiders, stated Mack was attractive because of the power he has as a pass rusher.

Khalil Mack

Although it was thought that Khalil Mack could possibly have gone in the draft as number one overall, he was there for the number five pick by the Raiders. The odds are that Mack will be a great asset to the Raiders in years to come. He is a good player to build a defense around, with his intensity and instincts.

Khalil Mack has a resume fit for the NFL. In his last two years, he led his team in tackles and was a finalist in the Butkus Award in 2013. He recorded nearly 200 tackles in his last two seasons with 40 of those for a loss in yardage and 18.5 sacks. His presence is felt when he is on the field and his abilities are not missed.


RaidersKhalil Mack has the instinct to disrupt just about every play. He is quick on the first step and plays well in the backfield. He locates the ball with precision and dominates when it comes to swarming the ball. He has an excellent talent in controlling his body, playing on his feet and seldom ends up on the ground. He will give the Oakland Raiders a strong rush on the quarterback, a true draft day gift this year.

Mack is very explosive and will sacrifice himself if needed. He is a team player with hits that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. He holds nothing back for sure. Being a competitor, his energy is felt on the field by all of his team. Mack can drop in the zone and has the ability to cover the flat with ease. Overall the Raiders are getting a dynamic player with many talents.


RaidersIt is hard to find any weakness in Khalil Mack’s playing ability. He can play a little reckless at times, taking chances when it would be better to stay in protection. He plays with passion for the game and can get out of control at times so the defensive coaches will have to tame him some. He brings a raw talent and plays in that mentality. He will need to learn to run coverage a little better and how to get an angle on the opponent.

Overall, Mack will fit perfect into a tough defense. He does have some weaknesses but there is nothing that cannot be fixed or worked on. The reality of it is that Mack will give the Raiders defense the burst and acceleration they need to overtake their opponents.

The bottom line is that Khalil Mack has shown his ability to be tough, athletic, and explosive, and he has great instincts. He can line up at any linebacker position and knows the game well enough to be ready for where ever he lands. Mack, drafted number five overall, will help the Raiders rushing defense and hopefully put them back on top.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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