Sharks Have Many Faces

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Within the depths of the ocean, there lives one of the most dangerous predators on the whole earth, and despite that fact that is comes with many faces, everyone knows a shark when they see one. The vast blue oceans of planet earth contains a whole other world away from the surface. This world hosts a variety of aquatic and plant life, some known to mankind and some having yet to be discovered. Amongst these life forms is the well-recognized predator that is the shark. Found all over the world, some of the types of sharks are only native to certain parts of the ocean while other breeds roam throughout the depths of the sea. Scientifically known, there are about 440 described species of sharks. These 440 different breeds of Shark are divided up into 8 specific groups which fall from primitive to the more advanced types. Sharks are not known to usually attack human beings but they have many a time. What are some of these types of sharks?  Well, here are some facts about the many faces of sharks.

One of the most feared sharks is the Great White shark. A commonly known nickname for this shark is “White Death”.  The creature can have up to 3,000 teeth at one time. With its torpedo designed body the Great White has no trouble swimming through the water at 15 miles per hour in short, concentrated bursts but normally treads at the speed of just 2 miles per hour. Great Whites are grey and white, the gray skin being used a camouflage which allows the shark to go undetected while creeping up on its prey. When it comes to shark attacks, the Great White has been known to be the more common one to attack humans. Also, a new discovery has been made about the 5,000 pound shark; the Great White can jump out of the water, much like a whale. It does this in order to capture fast moving sea-lions, a regular food choice of this underwater hunter. However, this is just one of the many faces of sharks.

Another species of shark is found to be the largest of its kind, the whale shark.  It is also the largest known fish. This shark, unlike most, does not have much use of its teeth. The number of teeth is about 3,000, but they are tiny and the whale shark gets its intake of food from the gills. Even though it is called the whale shark it is NOT a whale in the slightest and are named this because of the shark’s 46 foot size. Like the Great White, the whale shark is a solitary being has been rarely seen within a group. This breed of shark is one of many that can be found worldwide, expect swimming within the Mediterranean, in warmer waters stemming from the equator.

As was stated in the previous paragraph, sharks and their many faces come in many different species. One such specie is the goblin shark. This breed is said to be a rare kind of shark and, perhaps, one of the most unusual. Goblin sharks have a soft pinkish grey coloration. What makes this kind of shark even more unusual is the long snout protruding from its head and the way in which it jaws are pushed out during feeding. This shark is so rarely seen that little is known about it. This is rather evident since the lifespan and even the reproduction of this shark is not known of. It is not even known for sure whether or not this shark is harmful or harmless since encountering such a creature has been rare.

These three species are just the tip of the iceberg when covering the many faces of sharks. With 440 different types of shark, it would seem that hours of reading would be required to learn about them all in depth. However, this fact alone gives the human populace a good idea that there may still be creatures of the aquatic world that have yet to be discovered.

By Isis E. Stevens

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