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artistsArtists May Vary (AMV) is an agency separating truly unique art from the mediocre, representing a variety of raw talent. Founder of the company, Joseph Aranda, began the business after noticing how many talented photographers were out in the world, that had yet to be signed with an agency. Aranda got his start in “the business” many years ago, in an interesting way, while working at a day care.

Aranda was supervising an after school day care when one day an established photographer, Byll Williams, approachedĀ him. Williams complimented Aranda’s abilities on managing people and giving direction. The photographer asked him to join the team for a photo shoot. Aranda showed up at the shoot the following weekend and instantly fell in love with the industry and all that came with it. He truly enjoyed seeing artists in their natural habitat and getting to help guide them in the process, coming to a beautiful product at the end. He states that feeling remains with him today.

Aranda ended up working with Williams for six years, until Williams retired. The young entrepreneur then began to birth and build the business that he now owns today. AMV is a company which works with artists to help produce photo shoots around the world, helping find undiscovered talent and direct it to the right places.

Thousands of agencies exist in the world today, and even more photographers that are in pursuit of their dreams. So what is it about AMV that sets them apart from the rest? In his own words, Aranda states,

One thing is the agency name itself, I suppose. There are many agencies who represent artists that all have similar styles. At AMV I want each artists to have their own specific style. I do not want my artists competing with each other.

Currently Artists May Vary is representing photographers from across the spectrum, each with raw talent in their various fields. These photographers include one portrait photographer, one children/family lifestyle photographer and one travel/architecture photographer.

Another characteristic that sets AMV apart from many agencies is that they work with photographers that do not have previous advertising experience, or their own clientele. Aranda takes joy in this aspect of this business, stating,

It is not typical, but I personally love the art of matching one of my artists with their first big client. It is definitely a great feeling to know that I have actually earned my percentage.

He strives hard to get the best match between the individual and the company, to cultivate the best breeding ground for creation.

Talent is not the only factor that AMV looks for. Passion, and a true love for the work and the art must be present. AMV appears to be an agency that really loves what they do, and they want the artists that they work with to share the feeling. Aranda expressed when photographers lack passion and love for their work, it will show. Such production of photos may be successful at first, but AMV feels these artists have a short-lived careers. Art and creation should fill life, not feel like work. His advice to all artists out there was simple, sweet and true,

Make your passion your job, it’s the most freeing feeling to actually love what you do. It also shows in the work itself, people will notice.

AMV represents only photographers at this time, but hopes to expand in the future. Their vision is to include illustrators, CGI artists, hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist. When this advancement in the business is complete they hope to expand their offices, having one not only in Los Angeles, but in Chicago and other cities as well.

The launch of AMV was one of the most exciting moments for the founder. He said that it was a relief to launch, after a year of finalizing the roster, cultivating relationships and strategically branding the agency. The branding was kept clean and modern, giving a timeless elegance to the agency. They hope to have their presence last through the ages, not being a fad, but a business with a lasting existence and desire.

While getting the company going has been a lot of work and expenses, Aranda understands this and states,

It takes money to make money and oh man have I learned that lesson to be very true. It’s a lot of hustle, but very rewarding when you get those calls from major clients.

The company is growing quickly, with the current artists collaborating with many businesses. His attitude toward his relationship with the business is a blissful one. The love can definitely be seen, and while turning the dream into a reality has been a challenge, it appears to have had the greatest rewards. True pride and humbleness radiate from Aranda.

What started as a thought, has turned into a reality. Artists May Vary is representing a plethora of artists, whose work is engaging and different, but the photographers are not the only talent present as Aranda himself has “the eye” and raw instincts to make things happen. A sleek image, backed by a heart for the arts and a head for business; Artists May Vary is an agency that clients and photographers alike should get to know, as it appears to be a business that will grow greatly in the near future.

Interview by Latasha Alvaro

Joseph Aranda (Interview)

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