Once Upon a Time Season Finale (Recap)

once upon a timeOnce Upon a Time season finale was thrilling and exciting, from start to finish. It was packed with action, emotions, past and love. And at the end, a whole new twist was revealed. A twist, which left the fans wondering, what will happen in season 4. The creators of the show have brought back many familiar faces in the two-hour finale of season 3.

The season finale of Once Upon a Time started in the past, as little Emma Swan watched another child leaving the orphanage instead of her. It is almost creepy to see how well the casting department of the show picks up these young actors. The resemblance between young and adult Emma is great. When the scene gets back to the present time, Charming and Snow decide to have a naming ceremony for their newborn son at Granny’s diner. In the meantime, Regina and Robin are enjoying some romantic time together. They are having a dinner and both of them are talking about their horrible loss of the ones they loved in the past.

Rumpel is putting away the dagger, which controls him and in that moment, Belle walks in with the fake dagger. She gives it to Rumpel, saying that he should put it someplace safe. She wants him to put the dagger into the vault where he is keeping the most dangerous and unstable magic. Rumpel denies her request, saying that she should keep it, as a symbol of trust and love. Of course, Belle is unaware of the fact that she does not have the real dagger in her possession.

In the meantime, everyone is gathering at Granny’s where Emma avoids talking about leaving Storybrooke. She runs off and Hook follows her. Others soon notice that Zelena’s time portal is opened, so Regina, Belle, Charming and Rumpel rush to check on Zelena. They find and empty cell and realize that she has escaped. While they try to check the security cameras, Rumple waves his hand, changes the recordings and no evidence of his murder of Zelena is found. He makes it look like Zelena committed a magical suicide. However, her portal remains opened and they have no idea what to do.

Hook finds Emma and they talk about the fact that she wants to move back to New York. She tells him that she does not see herself as a part of this fairy tale world and that she does not feel like home in Storybrooke. She says that home is the place that you miss when you leave it. When Emma sees the light, coming from Zelena’s place, she heads over there. Hook tries to stop her, but without success. As they arrive, the doors open and Emma gets sucked into the portal. And once again, Hook follows her. They come out in the Enchanted Forrest on the day that Snow and Charming were supposed to meet. Emma promptly messes up that moment and unless she and Hook do some matchmaking, she might never be born. There is only one person, who can help them: Rumpelstiltskin. The Dark One is back to being the evil giggly himself, but he does partially help Emma and Hook by telling them where Snow is. He tells them that he will need some time to figure out how to open the portal. He seems highly motivated, as Emma tells him that he will reunite with his son, but only if she and Hook return to their own time without messing up the past.

After she failed to rob Charming’s carriage, Snow asks the Blackbeard to take her away from the Enchanted Forrest. He denies her request, even though he takes all of her money. Emma comes up with a plan to seduce a drunken Hook from the past, so that the sober Hook can talk to Snow and offer her a passage on his ship, but only if she brings him the Charming’s ring. The plan succeeds and it is now all up to the Snow. Rumpel gives Emma and Hook some new clothes, so that they can attend the ball where Snow is supposed to take care of her part. Hook and Emma introduce themselves as Prince Charles and Princess Leila and they successfully infiltrate the ball.

The show moves back to Portland in 2001, when Emma and Neal were on a date. He takes her on a romantic ride on a carousel and they are talking about home. Here is the moment, when the audience hears that sentence about missing your home, which Emma used earlier while talking to Hook.

In the Enchanted Forrest, Snow makes her way into the castle and steals the ring. Even though she gets caught by Charming, she manages to get away. Hook and Emma help her, but Snow looses the ring while she is running away. Emma finds it, but she gets caught and thrown into the Regina’s jail, where she meets a mysterious woman, who is supposed to get executed. Charming manages to catch Snow, but he finds out that she does not have the ring. They team up in order to break into Regina’s castle to rescue Emma and get Charming’s ring back. Little Red Riding Hood, transformed into the werewolf, gets them into the castle where she transforms back and leads the way. In the meantime, Emma already finds a way out of the cell, but she also decides to rescue her new friend. She obviously forgot the part about not changing the past. Snow confronts Regina and tries to use the black fairy dust on her. But her plan fails, as the Queen captures her and burns her alive. Emma witnesses her mother’s execution and is broken-hearted. Hook tries to comfort her, but then Emma realizes that she is still alive. How? If Snow died, she would never been born. During their conversation, a bug is bothering Emma constantly. Hook wants to kill that bug, but Charming stops him. He remembers the fact that the black dust turns people into bugs. It seems like Snow managed to use the dust before Regina’s fire ball hit her. They call the Blue Fairy, because the light magic can turn Snow back into a human. Emma cries and hugs her mother, even though Snow has no idea why.

Hook and Emma return to Rumpel’s castle, along with the rescued woman. They decide to take Emma’s new friend with them, since she was supposed to die in this timeline. Rumpel tells them that he cannot use the wand to open the portal, because only someone who went through it can cast the spell. Because Emma lost her powers, there is no hope left. Rumpel decides to drink a forgetting potion and puts his visitors in his dark vault. Hook tells Emma that when Zelena died, all of her magic and curses were lifted, so she should have her magic back. The only thing necessary is for Emma to believe and to want it. As she saw her mother die, Emma realized that this is her family and that she wants to get back to them. As she admits that, she is able to use the wand and open the portal.

When they arrive back to Storybrooke, Emma rushes to hug her parents, telling them that she loves them and that she is not moving anywhere. Charming and Snow finally announce their son’s name. In honor of Emma’s ex, Rumpel’s son and Henry’s father, they name their son Neal. Hook and Emma are later sitting outside and during their conversation, she finds out that he traded the Jolly Roger for a magic bean in order to come looking for her in New York. Emma is shocked and surprised and she kisses him.

Rumpel and Belle get married in a private ceremony, away from all the action at Granny’s diner. They exchange their vows and it all sounds sincere, despite the fact that Rumpel lied to Belle about the dagger. Regina and Robin are taking a walk with little Roland. The all arrive to the Granny’s, where a surprising twist occurs. It looks like the woman who Emma brought back is Marion, the love of Robin Hood’s life. Regina is shattered as she sees Robin hugging Marion and she tells Emma that she did this.

As the Once Upon a Time season closes, the scene moves back to the Zelena’s time portal. There is a vase from Rumpel’s dark vault and some sort of silvery liquid is coming from it. As all of the liquid comes out, a person is formed. It seems like there is a new princess coming to Storybrooke. Elsa from the Frozen freezes the ground as she takes off her gloves and then she walks away, forming ice with her every step. Once Upon a Time season finale introduced a new character, but fans will have to wait until season 4 to find out if she is good or evil.

By Janette Verdnik

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