Ozzy Osbourne Fans Want Him Knighted

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Ozzy Osbourne Fans Want Him Knighted
A long time fan of Ozzy Osbourne has started a petition for his fans to sign that want him knighted by the queen for services rendered to the music industry. The 65 year-old living legend, according to the fan who set the whole knighthood thing in motion, one 45 year-old Helen Maidiotis, has devoted over 40 years to a career that started in the 1970’s when the singer helped to develop a sound that would become instrumental in developing the music genre known as heavy metal. After 11 albums, seven of which went multi-platinum, Maidiotis says that Osbourne has given so much to his fans that now its time for them to give him something back.

The creator of the online petition to have Osbourne knighted, also started a Facebook page titled The Knighthood of Ozz and the singer’s daughter Kelly and Ozzy’s former guitarist Bernie Torme have both backed the page and the idea of the performer receiving a knighthood from the queen. The petition on Causes.com shows that over 11,000 signatures have currently been put on the site. Helen points out on the site that Ozzy’s work for charity and his influencing people means he deserves this honor as a gift from those who he’s entertained for so long.

This devoted fan explained to the Birmingham Mail newspaper that in the United Kingdom her campaign has gotten to Buckingham Palace and that thus far the idea has been positively replied to. Black Sabbath are due to give a performance at Hyde Park on July 4 and Helen is hoping to have reached their desired target of signatures by then, or at least in the days following the show. The band, who actually fired Ozzy Osbourne on April 29, 1979, dropped a comeback album, 13, in 2013; that shot to the top of the music charts like a rocket in both the United Kingdom and the U.S.

Since the release of their album Black Sabbath concerts have all been sold out since their first comeback performance at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, U.K. Ozzy’s career got a boost with the MTV reality television show The Osbournes which featured the singer, his manager/wife Sharon, and two of the couples’ three kids, Kelly and Jack, the oldest daughter wanted nothing to do with the show.

At 65 years-old Ozzy has had a long and eventful life. While he was growing up, the singer had to deal with attention deficit disorder as well as dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Osbourne left school a year early at 15 and began what would be many different jobs, including a foray into being a professional burglar which ended with Ozzy spending a short six week stretch in prison.

Later he would garner success as the frontman of Black Sabbath and while the band were releasing platinum albums the group was in the process of self-destructing. The other band members decided that it was Ozzy’s negative influence and he was fired. Ironically, after the break, Black Sabbath went on to release one of their biggest hit albums by using Ronnie James Dio on vocals and Ozzy met/discovered guitarist Randy Rhoads and he began what would be a brilliant solo career.

On top of all this musical success, Osbourne had to do battle with his own personal demons dealing with drug addiction and his attempts to get sober and stay straight. The petition from fan Helen Maidiotis that gives all of Ozzy’s fans who want him knighted their chance to say thank you for his entertaining them over his long career, is still being signed and marching resolutely towards the target of 20,000 names. While it is not known if the queen is a fan or not, at the very least she may feel inclined to honor the request. Sir Ozzy, has a definite ring to it.

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