Pamela Anderson and a History of Sexual Abuse

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Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson make a very personal announcement at the Cannes Film Festival where the actress and Playboy centerfold revealed to a crowd that she had endured a history of sexual abuse as a young girl. Anderson was at the film festival to promote her very own non-profit organization devoted to the protection of the environment as well as animal and human rights.

Anderson held a captive crowd of about 200 guests at the launch of her non-profit the Pamela Anderson Foundation on Friday. The event was held at Cannes in an effort to attract as much international interest and attention as possible. The blonde bombshell, who is so identified for her sexuality, made the shocking confession of having been sexually molested by a female babysitter at the age of six. The actress was later raped at age 12 by a 25-year-old man and years later would be gang-raped by a boyfriend and six of his friends. She felt it important to share this very revealing news to put into context her love for human rights and animals in particular. Anderson told the crowd that as a result of her harrowing experience, she had always had a distrust of humans and felt a sense of loyalty to the animal kingdom. According to reports, Anderson spoke to the attendees of the event wearing a very low-cut and revealing Vivienne Westwood dress that would on occasion have a series of “wardrobe malfunctions.”

Psychologists believe the dark history of 46-year-old Anderson’s childhood of sexual abuse could have a strong correlation to the blonde beauty’s public image of hyper-sexuality. Anderson has been known primarily for her sexuality constantly being on display. The Canadian-born star was discovered randomly at a football game in British Columbia when a video image of the young beauty wearing a tightly fitted t-shirt was flashed on the stadium’s jumbotron. It was not long after that Anderson would be tapped by Hugh Hefner to appear in the pages of his Playboy Magazine. Over the course of several years Anderson would make numerous appearances in Playboy, more than any other woman. Television would follow with a small but rather significant role as the sexy “tool time girl” on the 90s sitcom Home Improvement. The blonde would later reach international fame in the very successful series Baywatch which cemented the star as a bona fide sex symbol. Long before celebrity sex tapes were so commonplace, Pamela Anderson would make private home videos featuring former husband Tommy Lee and a separate tape with boyfriend Bret Michaels. The tapes, considered scandalous in those days, would swirl around the internet.

In recent years, Anderson’s image has not been splashed across the media as it had been at the height of her career during the 1990s. Of late, Anderson has made minor television appearances as a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars and over in the United Kingdom Anderson appeared in the reality television show Dancing on Ice. Many cynics are saying this latest confession by Pamela Anderson about her history of sexual abuse, while tragic and devastating, is an attempt by the actress and model to make headlines and recapture some relevance once again by exploiting her sexuality.

By Hal Banfield


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